Jorn Venderbos

Jörn Venderbos

Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering

Jörn Venderbos

Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering


Professor Venderbos heads the Quantum Condensed Matter Theory group focused on the study of quantum materials, with an emphasis on topological materials and unconventional ordering phenomena. His research is aimed at understanding the fundamental properties of novel quantum materials, predicting and designing new materials for applications in quantum information science, and developing tools to describe the collective behavior of correlated electron systems. His research is motivated by the goal of using the central pillars of quantum physics as a resource for materials science and engineering. To this end, the Quantum Condensed Matter Theory group maintains close connections with experimental groups, both in solid state physics and materials science.

Professor Venderbos joined the Drexel faculty in 2019 and holds a joint appointment in the Department of Physics (CoAS) and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (CoE). Prior to joining Drexel he was a postdoctoral research associate, first at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he was partially supported by a Rubicon Fellowship, and subsequently at the University of Pennsylvania.

Degrees / Education

  • PhD, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Leiden University (Netherlands), 2014
  • MSc, Physics, Leiden University (Netherlands), 2009
  • BSc, Physics, Leiden University (Netherlands), 2006

Research Areas

Research Interests

Theory of quantum materials: topological Insulators, topological semimetals, materials prediction and design, strongly correlated electron materials, complex electronic ordering phenomena, unconventional superconductors

Areas of Study

Academic Distinctions

  • Rubicon Postdoctoral Fellowship, (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research), 2014
  • Director’s Postdoctoral Fellowship, Argonne National Laboratory, 2013 (declined)

Select Publications

  • H. Gao, J. W. F. Venderbos, Y. Kim, and A. M. Rappe, “Topological semimetals from firstprinciples”, Annual Reviews of Materials Research Vol. 49, 153 (2019)
  • J. W. F. Venderbos, Y. Hu, and C. L. Kane, “Higher angular momentum band inversions in two dimensions”, Physical Review B (Editors’ Suggestion) 98, 235160 (2018)
  • Y. Hu, J. W. F. Venderbos, and C. L. Kane, “Fractional excitonic insulator”, Physical Review Letters (Editors’ Suggestion) 121, 126601 (2018)
  • J. W. F. Venderbos, L. Savary, R. Ruhman, P. A. Lee, and L. Fu, “Pairing states of spin-3/2 fermions: Symmetry-enforced topological gap functions”, Physical Review X 8, 011029 (2017)
  • V. Kozii, J. W. F. Venderbos, and L. Fu, “Three-dimensional Majorana fermions in Chiral Superconductors”, Science Advances 2(12), e1601835 (2016)
  • A. G. Grushin, J. W. F. Venderbos, A. Vishwanath, and R. Ilan, “Inhomogeneous Weyl and Dirac semimetals: Transport in axial magnetic fields and Fermi arc surface states from pseudo- Landau levels'', Physical Review X 6, 041046 (2016)
  • J. W. F. Venderbos, V. Kozii, and L. Fu, “Odd-parity superconductors with two-component order parameters: nematic and chiral, full gap and Majorana node”, Physical Review B (Rapid Communication, Editors’ Suggestion) 94, 180504 (2016)