Enrollment at Drexel University is determined by your admission into a program and your attendance of courses or other official program activities (such as co-op). Your enrollment status at the University is quantified by the amount of credits you're registered for during a term. Students on co-op are registered for co-op credits that are the equivalent of full-time status.

Enrollment Policies

  • Full-time Status – You will be classified as being enrolled full-time if you are registered for 12 or more credits for a term.
  • Three-Quarter (3/4)-Time Status – You will be classified as being enrolled three-quarter-time if you are registered for between 9 and 11.99 credits for a term.
  • Half-time Status – You will be classified as being enrolled part-time if you have registered between for 6 and 8.99 credits per term.
  • Less than Half-time Status – You will be classified as less than half-time when you are enrolled for fewer than 6 credits for a term.

Enrollment for Students with Accelerated Part of Term courses is determined by the combined number of credits registered for in both Part A and Part B of a term. In order for a Students with Accelerated Part of Term courses to be considered part-time for the purposes of financial aid eligibility, they must be registered for credits in both Part A and Part B; registration in only one part of the term is not sufficient to meet the minimum part-time status regardless of the number registered credits. 

  • Full-time Status – You will be classified as being full-time if you’re registered for 9 or more credits for a term.
  • Three-quarter-time Status – You will be classified as being three-quarter-time status if you have registered for 7.0 to 8.99 credits for a term.
  • Half-time Status – You will be classified as being half-time status if you have registered for 4.5 to 6.99 credits for a term.
  • Less than Half-time Status – You will be classified as being less than half-time status if you have registered for fewer than 4.49 credits for a term.

Medical School students years 1–4 are block registered through the Office of the University Registrar at Queen Lane. For all other programs within the College of Medicine, students register via DrexelOne and in accordance with their assigned time ticket. 

Full-time or part-time status is determined at the point of admission. If you are admitted into a full-time program of study, you will be classified as full-time; in the event that the program of study includes a full-time and part-time option, your declaration of status will be recorded in the student record.

The assignment of status as full-time or part-time governs much of your student experience in regards to billing, financial aid, participation in the cooperative education program, and the ability to progress in your academic program.

  • Full-Time Undergraduates – If you are enrolled as full-time, you will be required to maintain at least 12 credits per quarter.
  • Part-Time Undergraduates – If you are enrolled as part-time, you will be required to carry fewer than 12 credits per quarter.

Change of Status Due to Withdrawal From Courses

Since you will have completed less than your attempted credits, you will be encouraged to discuss the Satisfactory Academic Progress ramifications with your academic advisor and Drexel Central. You can review billing implications to course withdrawals on Refund Policies and Procedures.

Change Due to Dropping of Course(s)

If you are a full-time student and you drop a course during the adjustment period, it is expected that you will add courses to maintain a full-time schedule (i.e., at least 12 credits). Throughout the adjustment period, your academic advisor will review your registration status to ensure that the standards of status designation are met. If during the adjustment period you fall below the full-time credit minimum of 12 credits and are not able to meet this standard, your charges will be reassessed automatically and your bill will be adjusted. However, if in the subsequent quarter you are again below 12 credits at the close of the registration period, you will be notified to confirm your status with your academic advisor.

Change Due to Addition of Course(s)

If you are a part-time student and you enroll in 12 or more credits during the adjustment period, you will be charged as a full-time student. However, if in the subsequent quarter you again exceed 12 credits or more, you will be asked to confirm your status with your academic advisor.

Students must sometimes interrupt their studies for a variety of reasons (academic, medical, financial, or personal). Students choosing to take a leave of absence must first contact their academic advisor to initiate the process.

A leave of absence occurring during the quarter will take effect on a date as determined by the Office of the University Registrar based on the circumstances surrounding the student's request for a leave of absence. A leave of absence initiated after the last day of the term will take effect beginning the next term and processed accordingly by the University Registrar's Office. 

A leave of absence can be requested for a minimum of one quarter and up to a max of four quarters. If a student requests a leave for the maximum number of terms, they will need to be officially readmitted when they return to the University.

If you’re transferring to another institution of higher education or permanently leaving Drexel for any other reason, you must officially withdrawal from the University. In order to officially withdrawal, you must meet with your academic advisor to start completing the University Withdrawal Form.

During the withdrawal process, you will be counseled by several different administrative offices about the impact of withdrawing. Drexel Central will be the final office you will meet with and will discuss the financial implications of your decision to withdrawal. Once your consultation with Drexel Central is complete, your withdrawal will be processed and your student record will become inactivated.

If you decide you would like to return to Drexel at a later date, you will need to apply for readmission.

To withdraw voluntarily from the University, you must personally report to the college or school in which you’re enrolled to begin the process. In circumstances where in-person withdraw is not feasible, you may initiate your withdrawal by writing your request to your academic advisor using your official Drexel email account. Verbal or written notice to any university faculty, administrator, or staff person other than the designated advisor in the college or school is not sufficient for official withdraw or the determining of an effective date of withdraw. It is not possible to withdraw by telephone contact.

The effective date of withdraw, which is normally no earlier than the date of initial contact with the college or school, determines the amount of refund and/or credit. Please refer to the Provost's Withdraw from the University page to review the University's policy of withdrawing from Drexel University for submission deadline information.

All full-time undergraduate students, are considered to be active students and, accordingly, are responsible for satisfying all financial obligations accumulated until the time when they officially withdraw as explained above, or the university declares them inactive.

The following are the accepted reasons for withdraw from the University:

  • Academic
  • Career change
  • Financial
  • Medical
  • Transfer
  • Other/personal

Registration Policies

All new, incoming first-year students are provided with a class schedule for the fall quarter, so course registration is not required. Schedules are created by the academic department. Students will be notified by their academic advising office when schedules are available in DrexelOne. Questions about registration or requests to update course registration must be handled by the student's academic advisor.

Course schedules for the upcoming academic year are available starting in the 3rd week of the prior summer term. You can review this course list on the Term Master Schedule.

Students entering senior year must apply for their degree. Full-time senior-level students in their final two quarters will be allowed to register below the 12 credit minimum. Even though they will be considered to have full-time status for all academic and institutional purposes, these students will be billed on a per-credit basis and reported to the National Student Clearinghouse as less than full-time for all enrollment reporting purposes.

Students should be aware of the Senior Exception for Financial Aid policy.

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