DegreeWorks is an online tool that allows you to track your progress towards the completion of your degree program, including the number of credits you have earned and that you still need to complete, GPA status, and required courses. It is recommended that you use DegreeWorks in coordination with regular consultation with your academic advisor.

Student Guide: Using DegreeWorks [PDF]

Accessing DegreeWorks

You can access DegreeWorks in the following way:

  • Log in to DrexelOne.
  • Select the Academics tab.
  • Choose the "DegreeWorks Graduation Requirements" link in the Registration channel.

If your DegreeWorks record information is incomplete, please consult with your academic advisor in order to review your complete academic history.

Assess Your Requirements

To help make sure you graduate on time, DegreeWorks has a term-by-term plan of recommended courses for your major. Because not all courses are offered every term, make sure you consult with your academic advisor if you have to change your plan for any reason.

Manage Your Academic Plan

You and your academic advisor will work together to track your degree progress in DegreeWorks. You have the ability to edit your academic plan to fit your specific educational needs. For example, you may need to change your courses if you have AP or transfer credits. Always check with your advisor before making any changes to ensure you're on the right track.

You can select the Term Master Schedule link in DegreeWorks to see when courses are offered and use your plan of study and the term master schedule when it's time to register for classes. Be sure to schedule regular meetings with your advisor to discuss your DegreeWorks progress, requirements, and future plans.

Additional DegreeWorks Tools

If you are thinking of changing your major or adding a second major, a concentration, and/or a minor, use the "What-If" functionality to see how the courses you've completed will fit into your selections.

DegreeWorks also offers a Term GPA calculator allowing you to see how the courses you are currently enrolled in will impact your GPA by putting in grades you expect to earn. You can also use the Graduation GPA calculator to see what future grades you have to earn to improve your GPA. 

Graduation Requirements in DegreeWorks
Graduation season will be here before you know it, so make sure you’ve met all your degree requirements in DegreeWorks.
Introduction into DegreeWorks
Keep track of your courses and make sure you'll graduate on time with the DegreeWorks application.
Plans in DegreeWorks
Unsure what classes to take for your major? Build a plan of study in DegreeWorks to keep yourself on track.
DegreeWorks: What-If
Thinking of changing your plan of study? DegreeWorks "What-If" feature lets you see which classes you've already taken would meet your new degree requirements and explore alternative plans, letting you see all your options before you decide.

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