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As the Delta COVID-19 variant continues to pose challenges to public health in the US, companies are increasingly integrating remote work into their business models. One study found one in five American workers performed their jobs from home pre-pandemic, while 71% of American workers now do their jobs remotely all or almost all of the time.

Although some jobs still require in-person attendance, roles like writing, editing and even sales have proven to be easily accomplished from a distance. If you have or are currently pursuing a computer science degree, you are in an ideal position to live your dream of working from home.

Computer Science and Remote Work

Although remote work is only a recognizable term for most as of the past year and a half, computer science and IT positions were some of the first remote roles. Companies wishing to expand their IT teams while saving resources employed computer science professionals for distance work.

The term ‘telecommuting’ was coined during the 1970s OPEC crisis and offered as an alternative to traditional office scheduling to account for scarce fossil fuel resources. In the 1983, IBM experimented with remote work and by the late 80s, 2,000 company employees were working from home. The early 90s innovations in WiFi only accelerated the expansion of work from home careers. Now, entire companies are launching as remote-only entities.

Remote Work Income


The computer science field is a rapidly expanding sector. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts computer science and information technology (IT) will grow 11% by 2029, a faster rate than most industries. Although one might think remote positions may offer less lucrative salaries, working from home can in fact yield incomes similar to traditional in-office work.


Computer software engineers can earn a median of $85,000 per year to start, while computer scientists, programmers and system administrators can earn around $57,000 annually. According to the Census Bureau, of the households with annual incomes of $200,000 or more, 71% transitioned to at-home work in 2020. This statistic is more than double that of households that made $50,000 and $74,999 in the same period.


Remote Computer Science Positions

There are various intriguing and rewarding computer science remote jobs for which you can apply. Here are a few: 

  • Cloud Solutions Architect - A cloud solutions architect can work remotely to develop cloud computing strategies, supervise application creation and operate within a cloud atmosphere. These professionals are generally expected to have experience with a wide spectrum of programming languages.
  • Database Administrator - This role involves developing, installing, and monitoring databases and performing database programming.
  • DevOps Engineer – These computer engineers produce and maintain websites. They also supervise cloud infrastructure and perform some system administration. Expertise in CSS, HTTP, SSL, HTML, XML, and Java is usually required.
  • Quality Assurance Analyst – The quality assurance specialists test software and websites to identify bugs and validate proper performance, catalogue errors and ensure repairs are implemented.
  • Web Developer – Web developers create websites, craft layouts and program functions requested by clients or companies. This role requires firm grasps on programming languages and cybersecurity.
  • User Experience (UX) Analyst – This position has been in special demand the past few years. UX analysts assess user interaction with webpages and other interfaces to gauge navigation patterns and how to better optimize particular platforms or components.
  • Software Tester – The role of a software tester is to scrutinize products, websites, applications, platforms and databases before these offerings are released internally or to the public. Software testers are also expected to provide recommendations for improvement.


Drawbacks of Working from Home

As mentioned before, remote computer science is a field in which you do not need to take a salary cut. In fact, a large quantity of high-earners switched indefinitely to remote work during the pandemic.

The setup costs for establishing an at-home work system are fairly reasonable, and just about every task can be performed with a laptop. As far as office materials are concerned, these are usually marginal. Some companies offer their employees yearly office supply stipends to accommodate remote work formats.

One key drawback to consider when choosing a remote work path is the absence of in-person social interaction common in an office. Although some specialists may find this factor desirable, others may miss the comradery and collaboration often derived from in-person meetings. Consider carefully whether or not you would prefer face-to-face interaction or digital correspondence.

Another notable challenge for some is the lack of structure of the remote work format. To successfully complete assignments at home, it’s vital to establish sensible scheduling and workflow rules. It’s perhaps even more important to follow them. Planning and executing structured workflows is crucial to ensuring at-home work is completed on time and thoroughly.

Is Remote Work Possible with a Computer Science Degree?

Overall, it is entirely possible to pursue a rewarding computer science career while working remotely.

Remote IT occupations continue to expand, and computer science roles are some of the most flexible.

To begin your remote work journey, start by taking a careful glance at your resume. Think about possible remote experience in your past. Make sure to highlight this expertise as ‘virtual’ or ‘remote’ to ensure your desired employer understands you have remote experience.

Start researching positions on job boards like Working Nomads and We Work Remotely. These specific platforms specialize in providing users with remote work listings. You can either search by a company for which you’d like to work or the general occupation for which you’d like to apply. Either way, starting to seek ideal positions will help you understand contemporary role requirements and adjust to position yourself to score your dream remote job.


Working From Home is in Your Reach

From all of the lessons the pandemic has taught us, one thing is certainly clear: remote work is here to stay. Available positions in the computer science field are only expanding, so grab your laptop and start seeking your desired job today. Start by visiting and browsing remote job boards to understand requirements your dream job requires and what next steps you need to take to put yourself in the best position in the eyes of your future possible employer.

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