Drexel CCI Alumni Profile: Khiem Nguyen, MS Data Science '22

Khiem NguyenKhiem Nguyen is a 2022 graduate of Drexel CCI's MS in Data Science program. He came to Drexel with a background in electrical engineering and experience in the software development industry, and is currently pursuing his doctorate in computer science at Lehigh University. Learn more about Khiem and his experience at Drexel:

CCI: How do you feel your time at Drexel has prepared you for your future career?

Khiem Nguyen: From the beginning of my program until now, I‘ve made many friendships and connections at Drexel University. By interacting with students and faculty, I’ve gained valuable experience and sharpened my skills. Moreover, I met many incredible people through group projects and University events that enabled me to improve myself both professionally and personally. Through my coursework, I also developed an expertise in data science and now feel confident in my data science abilities. Drexel’s professors are also excellent resources for guidance regarding the skills and knowledge that will prove useful to me later in my career.

CCI: What are some highlights from your time at Drexel so far?

KN: In early 2022, the International Graduate Student Association (a student organization at Drexel University) selected me as their event coordinator. In April 2022, I became a Graduate Dean’s Ambassador at Drexel CCI where I was able to share my experience and knowledge with prospective students. In July 2022, I worked as a counselor for Drexel’s Digital Development Camp, where I assisted high school students with cybersecurity projects. Through these experiences, I improved my skills in communication and social interaction. These opportunities allowed me to help students at Drexel University enhance their academic and campus experiences.

CCI: Did you come to Drexel with any prior experience in the data science field?

KN: Prior to attending Drexel CCI, I earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and worked in the software industry for a year (I didn’t work in any data-related positions). That’s why I consider the data science skills I’ve gained while at Drexel as valuable to my career path.

CCI: Why did you choose Drexel to pursue your graduate studies?

KN: Drexel’s data science coursework fit my interests and career path. Furthermore, Drexel University has outstanding faculty. These aspects significantly impacted my decision to choose Drexel to pursue my master’s degree. 

CCI: What advice would you give to someone who’s considering going to Drexel for their master’s in data science?

KN: If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the faculty at Drexel University CCI. The faculty here are eager to help you succeed. Also, I suggest checking University events and organizations because the social life at Drexel is fantastic. The master’s in data science program provides a wide range of electives; see if there are any courses that interest you by reviewing all courses.

CCI: What kinds of resources have helped you during your time at Drexel?

KN: I joined Drexel CCI as an international graduate student in March 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, with the assistance of the College and the Department of Information Science, everything went smoothly for me. I found many resources on the University’s website that helped me navigate college, such as academics, housing and student life during the pandemic. And, thanks to student events that I found on Dragonlink, I have made a lot of friends here.


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