CCI Announces New and Expanded Undergraduate Programs in Data Science, Computing and Security Technology

In fall 2016, the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) at Drexel University will launch a new Bachelor of Science in Data Science (BSDS) degree program and will expand its Bachelor of Science in Computing & Security Technology (BSCST) into a full-time, on-campus degree program.

The College’s new BSDS degree program and minor responds to the explosive growth of large scale data sources and the people needed to address challenges within data management in a variety of environments.

“A growing number of applications including personalized medicine, smart technology, e-commerce, remote sensing, scientific simulation and imaging are generating extremely large and complicated data sets, commonly referred to as ‘big data,’” said Information Science Department Head and Professor Ellen Bass, PhD. “Data scientists are mining the information within these data sets and shedding light on some of the toughest and most pressing challenges facing the world.”

Leveraging CCI faculty expertise across computing and informatics fields, the BSDS program offers innovative and interdisciplinary coursework in data mining, information retrieval, visual analytics, social media trend spotting and information policy.

“CCI is unusually well-positioned to prepare students for careers in data science,” said Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor Gregory Hislop, PhD. “The College can address both the advanced computation problems raised by big data and also information selection and management problems of these data sources.”

For over 10 years, the BSCST—currently offered as an online degree completion program and part-time face-to-face program—has provided students with the critical knowledge and practical skills required for successful careers in computing and security technology. Now, in its new on-campus format, the BSCST program will enable students to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom through Drexel’s Cooperative Education program.

“Americans live, work and play in cyberspace,” said Program Director and Associate Clinical Professor Scott White, PhD. “With the growth of cyberspace comes the urgent need for computing and security technology graduates who can effectively manage diverse networks and who are highly skilled in all aspects of cybersecurity, privacy and the protection of data. Our BSCST program prepares students for a rewarding career in these dynamic fields.”

In addition to the program’s practical, hands-on computer application work, students can enhance their degree by selecting a Computing Technology (CT) concentration or Security Technology (CSEC) concentration. The CT concentration, in focusing on information and its use in organizations and society, provides students with the educational background to pursue careers that center on the application of computers to a variety of tasks faced by organizations and businesses today. The CSEC concentration focuses on the privacy of personal data, preventing unauthorized access to computer systems, ensuring contingency plans in the event of data lose due to accidental or malicious intrusion and protecting systems from unauthorized activity.

The College is also launching three new minors this Fall Quarter 2015 which will “open doors for students across the University to develop expertise in three critical areas of computing and informatics,” said Computer Science Department Head and Professor Dario Salvucci, PhD.

All Drexel University students in good standing are eligible to enroll in the following new minors: Data Science, which combines basic courses in statistics, information and technology and social contexts to address problems that require large and disparate datasets; Human Centered Computing, which combines basic courses in areas including human computer interaction, collaborative work and graphical user interfaces; and Security Technology, which combines basic courses in security and technology required to help organizations keep their computer systems secure.

About CCI Undergraduate Programs

The College of Computing & Informatics offers innovative bachelor’s degree programs that cover the full spectrum of computing and informatics domains and principles, including the BS in Computer Science, BS in Information Systems, BS in Software Engineering, BS in Data Science and BS in Computing & Security Technology. Through interdisciplinary instruction and experiential learning, our undergraduate programs address both theory and practice along dimensions that include technical, human, organizational, policy and societal considerations. For more information about CCI’s undergraduate programs, please visit our website.

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