Course Qualifying Requirements

PhD students must pass each of the six core courses selected as part of the “Core Requirements” (one “Core Candidate” course from each of the categories in the “Core and Breadth Course Category List”) with a grade of B+ or higher. Please refer to the Drexel University Catalog PhD in Computer Science degree requirements page for core requirements.

If a student fails to meet this minimum grade requirement, they may either 1) take the other “Core Candidate” course in the same course category and obtain a grade of B+ or higher; 2) retake the same course at the next offering; or 3) retake the final exam of the same course with permission by the instructor, if deemed appropriate by the instructor and the director of graduate affairs.

Normally, a student is expected to satisfy this requirement by the end of the student’s first year. These requirements, including the remedial actions, must be completed by the end of the student’s second year. Transfer credits may count towards these requirements subject to course instructor approval of the syllabus for the transferred course.