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What Jobs Can You Get with a Masters in School Psychology?

Drexel University School of Education

In many cases, the most linear career path for someone with a master’s degree in school psychology can include becoming a school psychologist. However, that’s far from the only career option for someone with a graduate degree in the field. Alternative jobs for those who hold a masters in school psychology come in many forms, both inside and outside of academia. Below, you can learn more about those career opportunities and how many different options are available for professionals with a masters in school psychology.

What is School Psychology?

School psychology is an applied form of psychology that aims to expand what is known about educating children, and also applies current research towards the betterment of students. A school psychologist learns about childhood development, mental health, neurodiversity, and other aspects of young minds in order to create a better academic environment.

What is a School Psychologist and What do They do?

Most school psychologists work within a public school setting. In that capacity, a school psychologist usually works directly with adolescents to provide counseling, performing student assessments to determine if intervention is necessary, or working with parents and teachers. A school psychologist aims to create a more positive and effective learning environment for children. By providing teachers with invaluable support and guidance for optimizing a child’s ability to learn, school psychologists are becoming an indispensable part of modern education.

What is the Average Salary of a School Psychologist?

Salary can vary widely depending on geographic location, experience, specialization, and position. As of April 27th, 2023, according to ZipRecruiter, the national yearly average salary of a school psychologist is $89,222. It’s worth noting that salary estimations are also respectable among the lowest 25th percentile in the field, with professionals earning an annual salary of $65,000.

What Else Can School Psychologists Do?

A school psychologist career description can vary widely from one school to the next, as well as from one job to the next. Within their field, some of the more common alternative jobs for school psychologists involve working within a school district or university administration, or working with children in hospitals or clinics. Yet, school psychologists aren’t restricted to seeking employment through public and private schools.

Alternative Jobs for School Psychologists

A school psychologist is prepared to work with students of all ages, which allows them to work almost anywhere that children are present. Outside of becoming a school psychologist, some of the most common alternative jobs for school psychologists include careers in:

  • Counselor
  • Social workers
  • Researchers
  • Outpatient therapists
  • Behavior Health Specialists
  • Educational diagnosticians

Earning a master’s in school psychology can be a critical step towards obtaining some of the most rewarding positions within those fields.

Career Outlook for School Psychology-Related Jobs

Jobs for school psychologists and related positions within the field are anticipated to grow over the next decade. Currently, only 13% of public schools employ a school psychologist, according to the NCES. That number is predicted to increase as mental health becomes a more prominent concern internationally. As is the case with many careers in applied psychology, the National Association of School Psychologists is predicting a shortage of qualified school psychologists to fill future positions.

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Embarking upon a career as a school psychologist career doesn’t necessarily mean your job options are solely confined to working within academic institutions. A degree in school psychology can be fairly versatile. Apart from opening opportunities for careers within the field of school psychology, the skillset learned in a graduate program can prepare you for many opportunities working with children, in education, or both.

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