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Master's of Science Degree (MS) in Creativity and Innovation

Drexel University School of Education

Creativity is the ability to generate novel ideas. Innovation is the means to implement them. 

An IBM survey of over 1,500 chief executive officers from 33 countries found that creativity is the most important factor in the ability to navigate an increasingly complex world (IBM Global CEO Study, 2010). Business-Higher Education Forum Report (2018) reports creativity as a top human skill and LinkedIn Learning's December 2019 Analysis of their site’s content listed creativity as the most in-demand Essential Skill. These thoughts are echoed going into 2023 by Fast Company (December 17, 2022) as “the top skill you need for guaranteed career success, and by Forbes (April 20, 2023) as one of 11 essential skills. Creative, critical thinking forms the foundation of progress, whether it’s bringing a new product to market or addressing homeland security issues.

What is a Master's of Science in Creativity and Innovation?

At Drexel University, we're unwavering in our belief that creativity resides within each and every one of us. It's a force that can be harnessed to bring about transformative change in the world. This conviction drives our online Master's of Science (MS) degree in Creativity and Innovation, a program meticulously crafted to unlock the boundless creative potential within our students and empower them to wield creative thinking as a powerful tool in both corporate and educational spheres. 

As you embark on your journey in our creative master's program, you'll not only discover your innate creativity but learn to cultivate it. You'll be equipped with the skills to address the most complex of situations and to shape your surroundings into vibrant, innovative environments. Whether you're involved in education or business, you'll be primed to effect meaningful change. 

Our program, delivered entirely online, offers a structured sequence of courses and experiences that provide the bedrock for your future success. What sets us apart is our flexibility. We recognize that your journey is unique, and we offer elective credits that allow you to deepen your knowledge in a specific field, tailored to your passions and goals. 

In a world where creativity and innovation are at a premium, our graduates emerge as the pioneers who know how to harness these forces to achieve tangible results. They're the leaders who drive progress, create solutions, and shape the future. Join us, and be prepared to harness the power of creativity and innovation to make a lasting impact in your chosen field. 

What Can You Do with a Degree in Creativity and Innovation?

Earning an MS in Creativity and Innovation graduate degree is the key to unlocking a world of diverse and promising career opportunities Our graduates emerge from this program with a skill set that transcends boundaries, enabling them to excel in a wide array of fields. 
With this degree in hand, you become a versatile professional, ready to make your mark in areas as varied as education, engineering, biomedical applications, graphic design, public relations, sales, advertising, healthcare, and fashion. Your expertise will serve as a passport to success in an ever-evolving job market, empowering you to thrive in whichever path you choose to pursue. 

Upon successful completion of the MS in Creativity and Innovation program, students will be able to:

  • Assess and develop their own creative strengths.
  • Effectively identify problematic situations within a variety of settings and fields.
  • Produce plausible and creative solutions to solve real-world dilemmas.
  • Methodically analyze complex problems and implement the best possible solutions.
  • Improve workplace results through innovative practices.
  • Examine and interpret contemporary research in creativity and innovation in academic and professional settings.
  • Participate in leading-edge research and share ideas.
  • Develop expertise in their own workplace to foster creative environments and identify fellow creative problem solvers within their workforce.

In today’s constantly changing workforce, versatility is an enormous benefit. The creative thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills taught in the MS in Creativity and Innovation program are useful and marketable in a variety of settings. 

Career Paths with an MS in Creativity and Innovation

Whether students are looking to advance in their current career, or pursue a new career path, the MS in Creativity and Innovation from Drexel University School of Education can help set them up for success. Careers include:

  • Creative Director
  • Business Development
  • Director of Innovation
  • Marketing Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Director of K-12 School Curriculum

Who should apply to the Creativity Graduate Program?

The need for greater creative thinking to overcome challenges in business and education are more important than ever. The type of students who will benefit most from Drexel’s MS in Creativity and Innovation program those that are:

  • Interested in becoming more creative in their profession or everyday life.
  • Part of a team that needs more creative thinking to reach set goals and objectives.
  • Looking to advance in their career within a field that requires a creative mindset.
  • Leaders interested in helping their teams think “outside the box” with new, innovative ideas.

MS in Creativity and Innovation - Program Options

The Creativity and Innovation in education degree program is delivered entirely online and takes students through a planned sequence of courses and experiences that build a foundation for success. The flexible graduate degree program allows students to take elective credits that deepen their knowledge of a specific discipline in the field. The program offers 5 diverse concentrations including:

  • Human Resource Development
  • Global and International Education
  • Higher Education
  • Learning Technologies
  • Learning in Game-Based Environments

Students in the MS in Creativity and Innovation program receive one-on-one personal academic advisement to ensure that educational and professional objectives are met within the course of study. Our advisors develop personal relationships with their students and are invested in helping them take advantage of the many benefits of a Drexel education, including online program delivery.

MS in Creativity and Innovation Program Eligibility

  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Graduate GPA's will be considered along with the undergraduate GPA, and a cumulative GPA above 3.0 may be considered

Required Documents

With multiple ways to submit documents, Drexel University makes it easy to complete your application. Learn more by visiting Drexel Online's Completing Your Application Guide.

  • A completed application
  • Official transcripts from all universities or colleges and other post-secondary educational institutions (including trade schools) attended
  • Two professional letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement (500 - 750 words) describing your interest in the program. Specifically, please discuss:
    • How the program relates to your previous educational activities
    • If changing course, why you are moving in a new direction with your educational goals
    • How the program relates to your current line of work
    • How you plan to apply the program to your future goals
  • Resume
  • Additional requirements for International Students

Creativity and Innovation Degree Curriculum

The MS in Creativity and Innovation curriculum is designed with working professionals in mind. The graduate degree curriculum is based on both strong theoretical foundations and practical application that allows students to maximize their own creative capabilities.

The program involves 45 credit hours of coursework:

  • 24 credits of required core courses in Creativity and Innovation
  • 9 credits of Professional Electives or Graduate Minor in Mind, Brain & Learning
  • 12 credits of Concentration Courses. (See the five concentration options listed above.)

For full course descriptions, please see the Drexel University Course Catalog.

How to Apply to the Master's of Science in Creativity and Innovation

 The Master's of Science in Creativity and Innovation program is a 100% online degree program. Students can get started by filling out the Drexel Online Application.

Program Questions

Jack Barnes Director of Student Recruitment Drexel University School of Education

For questions about School of Education academic programs, please contact Jack Barnes, Director of Recruitment

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Rick Kantor
MS in Creativity & Innovation '15

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What did you enjoy most about the program?

"I liked the flexibility and the encouragement to take on creative projects, and fulfill assignments in ways that interested me."