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The Kutzler Lab Publications

Published Full-length Papers


"Developments towards a prophylactic hepatitis C virus vaccine"
B.P. Latimer and M.A. Kutzler
Current Immunology Reviews (2015)

"Chemokine Adjuvanted Electroporated-DNA Vaccine Induces Substantial Protection from Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Vaginal Challenge"
M.A. Kutzler, M.C. Wise, N.A. Hutnick, Z. Moldoveanu, M. Hunter, M. Reuter, S. Yuan, J. Yan, A. Ginsberg, A. Sylvester, B. Pahar, D. Carnathan, N. Kathuria, A.S. Khan, D. Montefiori, N.Y. Sardesai, M.R. Betts, J. Mestecky, P. Marx and D.B. Weiner
Nature Mucosal Immunology, advance online publication, May 6, 2015; doi:10.1038/mi.2015.31. (2015)


"Neuronal ferritin heavy chain and drug abuse affect HIV-associated cognitive dysfunction"
J. Pitcher, A. Abt, J. Myers, R. Han, M. Snyder, A. Graziano, L. Festa, M. Kutzler, F. Garcia, W.J. Gao, T. Fischer-Smith, J. Rappaport and O. Meucci
The Journal of clinical investigation 124, 656-669. (2014)

"Strong HCV NS3/4a, NS4b, NS5a, NS5b-specific cellular immune responses induced in Rhesus macaques by a novel HCV genotype 1a/1b consensus DNA vaccine"
B. Latimer, R. Toporovski, J. Yan, P. Pankhong, M.P. Morrow, A.S. Khan, N.Y. Sardesai, S.L. Welles, J.M. Jacobson, D.B. Weiner and M.A. Kutzler
Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2014 Jun 20;10(8). (2014)

"An Optimized, Synthetic DNA Vaccine Encoding the Toxin A/Toxin B RBDs of Clostridium difficile Induces Protective Antibody Responses In Vivo"
S.M. Baliban, A. Michael, B. Shammassian, S. Mudakha, A.S. Khan, S. Cocklin, I. Zetner, B.P. Latimer, L. Bouillaut, M. Hunter, P. Marx, N.Y. Sardesai, S.L. Welles, J.M. Jacobson, D.B. Weiner and M.A. Kutzler
Infect Immun. 2014 Oct;82(10):4080-91. (2014)


"Non-contact helium-based plasma for delivery of DNA vaccines: Enhancement of humoral and cellular immune responses"
R.J. Connolly, T. Chapman, A.M. Hoff, M.A. Kutzler, M.J. Jaroszeski and K.E. Ugen
Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2012 Aug 16;8(11). [Epub ahead of print] (2012)

"DNA-based HIV vaccines do not induce generalized activation in mucosal tissue T cells"
M.A. Reuter, S. Yuan, P.A. Marx, M.A. Kutzler, D.B. Weiner and M.R. Betts
Human Vaccine & Immunotherapeutics 2012 Oct 30;8(11). [Epub ahead of print] (2012)

"Generation of Antigen-Specific Immunity Following Systemic Immunization with DNA vaccine encoding CCL25 Chemokine Immunoadjuvant"
N. Kathuria, K.K. Kraynyak, D. Carnathan, M. Betts, D.B. Weiner and M.A. Kutzler
Human Vaccine & Immunotherapeutics. Nov 1;8(11). (2012)


"Long-term programming of antigen-specific immunity from gene expression signatures in the PBMC of rhesus macaques immunized with an SIV DNA vaccine"
S.E. Belisle, J. Yin, D.J. Shedlock, A. Dai, J. Yan, L. Hirao, M.A. Kutzler, M.G. Lewis, H. Andersen, S.M. Lank, J.A. Karl, D.H. O'Connor, A. Khan, N. Sardesai, J. Chang, L. Aicher, R.E. Palermo, D.B. Weiner, M.G. Katze and J. Boyer
PLoS One 6: e19681. (2011)

"Novel peptides based on HIV-1 gp120 sequence with homology to chemokines inhibit HIV infection in cell culture"
O. Chertov, N. Zhang, X. Chen, J.J. Oppenheim, J. Lubkowski, C. McGrath, R.C. Sowder II, B.J. Crise, A. Malyguine, M.A. Kutzler, A.D. Steele, E.E. Henderson and T.J. Rogers
PLoS One 6: e14474. (2011)

"Opioid-induced chemokine expression requires NF-kappaB activity: the role of PKCzeta"
C. Happel, M. Kutzler and T.J. Rogers
J Leukoc Biol 89: 301-309. (2011)

"High antibody and cellular responses induced to HIV-1 clade C envelope following DNA vaccines delivered by electroporation"
J. Yin, A. Dai, J. Lecureux, T. Arango, M.A. Kutzler, J. Yan, M.G. Lewis, A. Khan, N.Y. Sardesai, D. Montefiore, R. Ruprecht, D.B. Weiner and J.D. Boyer
Vaccine 29: 6763-6770. (2011)


"Systemic immunization with CCL27/CTACK modulates immune responses at mucosal sites in mice and macaques"
K.A. Kraynyak, M.A. Kutzler, N.J. Cisper, A.S. Khan, R. Draghia-Akli, N.Y. Sardesal, M.G. Lewis, J. Yan and D.B. Weiner
Vaccine 28: 1942-1951. (2010)

"Plasmids encoding the mucosal chemokines CCL27 and CCL28 are effective adjuvants in eliciting antigen-specific immunity in vivo"
M.A. Kutzler, K.A. Kraynyak, S.J. Nagle, R.M. Parkinson, D. Zharikova, M. Chattergoon, H. Maguire, K. Muthumani, K. Ugen and D.B. Weiner
Gene Ther 17: 72-82. (2010)

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