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Frequently Asked Questions About Drexel Software

How do I sign in; What password do I use?

When you are prompted to sign in at, enter your Drexel username in the following format*: abc12 

In the password field, enter your Drexel domain password. For most people, it will be the same password used to log in to DrexelOne. However, users sometimes set up different passwords for DrexelOne and the Drexel domain. 

If you can sign in to DrexelOne, but can't sign in to the software server, contact the IT Help Desk at or (215) 895-2020. A password reset might be necessary.

*Some older browsers may require you to add to your user ID (ex.

When will the software I want be available?

We're often asked when a new version of a product will be available.  Usually, it's a few months after the product is on the market.  This gives us time to get new licenses from the software publisher, test the new version, confirm compatibility with other products, and train the staff for support. For some products, the wait is longer, but this is usually only for products that relate to or impact the administrative software used to run the back offices at Drexel.

Where is the download for the software I am looking for?

  1. Sign in to
  2. Depending on your affiliation with Drexel, click on the Students or Faculty and Staff folder.
  3. Click on the folder for your computer's operating system (Windows, MacOS, or Linux).

How do I get EndNote to recognize my license?

  1. Sign in to
  2. Depending on your affiliation with Drexel, click on the Students or Faculty and Staff folder.
  3. Click on the PC Software link to get to the folder containing software for Windows.
  4. Download both the .msi and .dat files (ENX4Inst.msi & License.msi).
  5. Place them in the same folder.  
  6. Double click ENX4Inst.msi to launch the setup process.

If the License.msi file isn't present in the same folder during installation, EndNote will think that you're installing a trial version.

Can I download the software multiple times or use it on multiple computers?

You can download multiple times, but you're expected to install the software on no more than one computer at a time. 

Microsoft allows simultaneous installation on two computers at a time so that faculty and staff can install once at Drexel and again at home.  This Microsoft exception also allows for the MacOS version to be used along with the Windows version.

Can Drexel license another product for us?

Drexel is a big place.  As you can imagine, licensing software for 20,000 people can be costly.  Accordingly, Drexel only site licenses software that will likely be used by most of the students, faculty, and staff of the university or which can be purchased with a substantial discount. 

Individuals should start by asking their faculty or departments about licensing software.  Those departments can contact IT.  If we see a broad need across a number of departments, IT will investigate how the software vendor licenses the product and if the product can bring a substantial benefit befitting its cost. 

As a rule to thumb, if you're thinking about asking IT to site-license something, take a guess at its price, assume a 50% academic volume discount, multiple that by 20,000 users, and consider whether or not you think such an expense is worth the benefit to Drexel.