Hazardous Waste Removal Services

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Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste includes substances that are solids, liquids and gases. The EPA definition of hazardous waste includes substances that possess a hazardous characteristic (e.g. toxic, ignitable, corrosive or reactive with other substances), or substances that are listed as hazardous waste by the EPA on the basis of their usage or chemical constituents.

EHRS will perform identification of hazardous wastes. Since the majority of chemicals used in our facility are reagent grade the identification will be performed using Safety Data Sheets, bottle labels, and 40 CFR Part 261 Subpart B, C, and D. A third-party contractor will test for the ignitability, cross-reactivity, reactivity and toxicity of unknown hazardous wastes. 

EHRS prohibits the drain disposal of the following:

  • Flammable or explosive pollutants
  • Pollutants that will cause corrosive structural damage to the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW), but in no case discharges with pH lower than 5.0.
  • Solid or viscous pollutants that may cause an obstruction of flow in the POTW
  • Pollutants capable of releasing fumes or vapors
  • Pollutants, including oxygen-demanding pollutants (high biological oxygen demand), which may cause interference with the POTW
  • Waste water with sufficient heat to inhibit biological activity in the POTW (must not exceed 104 F at the POTW)
  • Petroleum, oil, non-biodegradable cutting oil or products of mineral oil origin in
  • amounts that will cause interference or pass through Organic chemicals
  • Heavy metal solutions
  • Nitric, hydrofluoric, perchloric, and chromic acid
  • Toxic/Poisonous solids and liquids
  • Pharmaceutical waste.

The Hazardous Waste Management Plan covers the following wastes:

Review the Laboratory Safety Manual [PDF] or Hazardous Waste Management Plan [PDF] for additional information concerning hazardous waste management. Contact EHRS to discuss specific requirements concerning disposal of radioactive waste. 


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