Dylan Butler

A masked student welds a frame together.
First Year Major: Undeclared Engineering
Current Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class Year: 2027
Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ

When or how did you become interested in engineering?

Most of my life I have been around tools and been a part of building things with my family and I always enjoyed doing it. Then in high school I was introduced to the CAD side of things and still enjoyed the process so I decided upon engineering.

When you were looking at colleges, what made Drexel stand out, especially since you didn’t have a major in mind?

When I was looking at schools, I knew I wanted a co-op experience, so I applied to several schools that offered it. The more I thought about it, I realized I didn’t want to be so far away from my home in Cherry Hill. I picked Drexel because it has a little bit of everything — lots of options in academics, extracurriculars, and so on — so whatever I would want to do, I knew I could find it somewhere

As an undeclared engineering major, what classes did you take in your first year and how did they help you get a picture of different types of engineering?

I took math, chemistry, physics, English and a few university classes. I also took ENGR111 and ENGR113, where you do a lot of projects that have little bits from every engineering major, and you can see what you like or what you understand really well and focus on that.

Why did you decide to focus on your particular major?

I was deciding between civil and mechanical engineering, but then I joined Formula EV. I really liked creating and building the car, which was a lot of mechanical work, so I settled on mechanical.

Talk about your favorite or most interesting class so far.

My most interesting class so far has been Fundamentals of Materials since I found it really interesting how materials behaved and why they did the things they did. I have since started a minor in materials science and engineering.

What is your favorite part about your Drexel experience so far?

My favorite part of Drexel so far would have be living on my own, since I have a lot more freedom to do with my time what I would like.