Marketing and Communications


We tell all the amazing and inspiring stories of the College of Engineering. Our goal is to support the mission and strategic objectives of the college through the use of marketing and communications.

This means that the MarCom team articulates the brand and promotes our programs and our people to all of the college’s constituents and audiences through writing, editing, designing and producing print and digital content, and distribution of the content using all our available means. Outreach efforts include campus community, prospective students, prospective faculty hires, current students and faculty, peer schools, alumni, industry partners and beyond.

Projects may include:

  • News, profiles and storytelling
  • Media relations
  • External and internal communications
  • Website development and management
  • Emails and list management
  • Marketing, advertising and promotion of programs and events
  • Brochures, flyers, posters and other assets
  • Social media best practices
  • Photography and graphic design
  • Other miscellaneous external relations support

The MarCom team has also provided some template assets to you accessible via the Faculty and Staff site on Microsoft Teams. You will also find a full version marketing and communications guide with detailed information about protocol for channel usage, social media guidelines and other relevant information.

Collaborative Communications and Consulting

Departments are encouraged to consult with the Marketing and Communications (MarCom) department to provide assistance in promoting our programs and people, but especially when beginning any strategic initiative or outreach effort. We bring an important perspective and expertise with communications tools and templates that will help integrate content all our available channels.

Please keep the MarCom team apprised of pending changes in your department or curriculum, and news or happenings as soon as you are aware of them.

Strategic initiatives should involve our team at the earliest stage of the process. We can help guide thought processes about the issue, discuss market viability of new programs, budget for promotions and ways to be most effective.

How We Work

Submit your communications requests for short term or small-scale needs such as a web edit, flyer or poster or to notify us of a story or profile idea through the project request form.

To kick off large scale, long-term or strategic initiatives please email Yael Branscom (, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications.

MarCom will reach out to you to discuss the project but please provide as much detail or background information as possible. Timelines for completion will depend on scope of the request. Please make your request as soon as you know that a project is pending. Our ability to support you depends on having enough time and capacity.

Communications Partners

Representatives from each department are assigned to be Communications Partners. The role helps to keep the MarCom team informed and works collaboratively on the college’s marketing and communications projects. You may work through your Partner to facilitate execution of your project.

Speaking engagement requests for Dean Walker can be made through this form.