Honoring Drexel Materials 2022 Graduates and Awardees

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering celebrated its graduates and 2021-2022 departmental awardees at a gathering at Morgan’s Pier on Monday, June 6, 2022. The College of Engineering held its commencement event on Wednesday, June 8 at the Mann Center. Finally, a University-wide commencement ceremony took place on Thursday, June 9 at Citizens Bank Park.

composite image of graduating students and faculty

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Awards

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Varun Natu

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award

Brennan Coleman
Raymond Zhang

Outstanding Undergraduate Innovation Award

Maxene Kohler
Frankie Lau
Anjiao Wetherhold

Outstanding Research Award

Yury Gogotsi

Outstanding Teaching Award

Yong-Jie Hu

Outstanding Service Award

Caroline Schauer

Outstanding Staff Award

Leslie Campion

Degree Recipients

Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering

Andrew Lewis Bennett-Jackson
“Shedding Light on the Bulk Photovoltaic Effect in BaTiO3 Thin Films”
Supervising Professor: Jonathan Spanier

Benjamin Micah Lefler
“Tailoring Perovskite Functionality with Fluoropolymer Topochemistry”
Supervising Professors: Steven May and Aaron Fafarman

Tyler Steven Mathis
“Charge Storage in Conductive Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Carbides (MXenes)”
Supervising Professor: Yury Gogotsi

Varun R. Natu
“Influence of Surface Terminations on Intercalation, Colloidal, and Swelling Properties of Ti3C2Tz MXene”
Supervising Professor: Michel Barsoum

Aleksandr Plokhikh
“Atomic Layer Deposition and Solid Phase Epitaxy of BiFeO3 and BaTiO3 Thin Films”
Supervising Professor: Jonathan Spanier

Henrietta Roanhorse Tsosie
“Adhesion of Pharmaceutical Powders on Tools During Compaction”
Supervising Professor: Antonios Zavaliangos

Olivia R. Wilson
“Air-Stable Alkylborane Initiation as a Toolkit to Drive Radical Reactions in a Diverse Set of Polymer Applications”
Supervising Professor: Andrew Magenau

Yizhou Yang
“Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Double Metal MXenes”
Supervising Professor: Steven May

Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering

Brennan Finbar Coleman
Samantha P. Covell
Linda Xiao Franceschini
David Ryan Leskauskas, Jr.
Jaclyn Alexandra McLauglin
Varun R. Natu
Christopher Andrew Tandoc
Nicole Marie Tavormina
Triet Minh Truong
Raymond Zhang
Pu Zhu


Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering

Bryce James Babarsky
Hunter William Banavage
Brennan Finbar Coleman *
Caroline Elizabeth Costello
Samantha P. Covell **
Cathy Dang
Annibale Joseph DeLorenzo **
Linda Xiao Franceschini **
Yuzhe Jin
Engy Tharwat Khoshit
Maxene Kohler
Frankie Lau
Jaclyn Alexandra McLaughlin ***
Jared S. Perry-Smith
Amanda Pearl Rosenberg
Elliot Cameron Sayles
Carina Anjiao Wetherhold
Dalton M. Wright
Raymond Zhang*

*Cum Laude
** Magna Cum Laude
***Summa Cum Laude

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