Hrebien Honored for Aerospace Medical and Engineering Work

Man receiving an award
Dr. Leonid Hrebien receives the Liljencrantz Award from Dr. Russ Raymon (left) representing Aerospace Medical, PLC, sponsor of the award, and Dr. Charles DeJohn (right) President of the Aerospace Medical Association.

Dr. Leonid Hrebien, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is the recipient of the 2021 Eric Liljencrantz Award presented by the Aerospace Medical Association. Hrebien, a Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association (FAsMA) and the Aerospace Human Factors Association (FAsHFA), was honored “for his ground-breaking research, devotion to students, and his service to the aerospace medical and engineering community.”

“Many of my graduate students over the years have done work related to the non-invasive and un-obtrusive evaluation of operational pilots in high performance fighter and attack aircraft and the development of methods to protect against the harsh physiological effects of high acceleration forces and high altitude exposure of military pilots,” shares Hrebien. “This work has contributed to the development of modern interactive protective equipment for war fighters and significant mathematical models that are still being used in the design and evaluation of new protective equipment for humans performing in physiologically and mentally difficult conditions.”

Established in memory of CDR Eric Liljencrantz, MC, USN, the award is “given annually to honor excellence as an educator in aerospace medicine, or for basic research into the problems of acceleration, altitude, or weightlessness.” Hrebien, an active member of the Aerospace Medical Association since 1980, was presented with the award at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association in Denver, CO on September 2, 2021.