Class of 2021 Graduate Spotlight

Name: Joshua G. Cohen
Degree and Concentration: BS Computer Engineering, BS Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Blakeslee, PA

Joshua Cohen
Joshua Cohen

What one word would you use to describe your Drexel experience and why?

Valuable. I have learned a huge amount academically, developed my social and interpersonal skills, and have become a better person overall during my time here.

What class, teacher or project taught you a lesson you still carry with you today?

My percussion ensemble professor has taught me a valuable lesson here at Drexel. From high school, I came to Drexel with an extremely competitive attitude and spent a lot of time perfecting my drumming. When I came to Drexel, I joined the percussion ensemble and the professor, Mark Beecher, ran the ensemble different than any other I had seen. It was laid back, self-guided, and he was very open to student feedback and guidance when it came to the songs we chose. Students were not forced to practice a certain number of hours and there was minimal stress to perfect everything. This attitude allowed me to turn percussion from an almost unhealthy competitive obsession to a hobby that I could enjoy and appreciate.

How did you experiences at Drexel change or reinforce your idea of what engineering can do for the world?

My experience at Drexel reinforced the idea that engineering is one of the best ways to make a meaningful impact on the world. Every part of Drexel's education, from the design projects to the hands-on curriculum, allows students to have an open-ended prompt to express their creativity, work on problems that they are passionate about solving, and solving them. It has really taught me that engineering stretches across all industries and disciplines, and works everywhere to make the world a better place.

What are your professional plans after graduation?

I will be working Full Time for Amazon Web Services as a Software Development Engineer.