Class of 2021 Graduate Spotlight

Name: Natalie Clark
Degree and Concentration: Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Natalie Clark
Natalie Clark

What one word would you use to describe your Drexel experience and why?

I would describe my Drexel Experience as resilient. As a Drexel student, there are a lot of curveballs thrown at you from 10 week classes, to co-ops to clubs and so much more. It's all about how you manage it and get through the process.

What class, teacher or project taught you a lesson you still carry with you today?

A project that I learned the most from was my Freshman Design class. It was the first time where I had to work with others to come up with a solution for a problem that we all brainstormed. It taught me the value of communicating with your partners so that everyone is heard.

How did you experiences at Drexel change or reinforce your idea of what engineering can do for the world?

When I was first introduced to engineering in high school, I thought that the process was linear, and that you can't really branch out in engineering. Going to Drexel has taught me that engineering gives you to tools to do anything in the world. I would've never thought that I would be involved in music so much as I am right now if I didn't go to Drexel.

What are your professional plans after graduation?

I will be working at NAVSEA in Philadelphia.