Gogotsi Receives RASA-America 2020 G.A. Gamow Award

Yury Gogotsi

Distinguished University and Bach Professor Yury Gogotsi is a recipient of the 2020 G.A. Gamow Award from the Russian-American Science Association (RASA-America). The G.A. Gamow Award, founded in memory of the Russian-American physicist Professor George Antonovich Gamow (1904-1968), honors members of the Russian-speaking scientific diaspora for outstanding contributions to science. RASA-America has recognized Gogotsi with this award “for discovery and synthesis of nanomaterials with tunable structure and longstanding contributions to the development of international collaboration.”

“I am a native of the USSR, like George Gamow," Gogotsi noted. "Moreover, we were both born in Ukraine - he was from Odessa (so was my grandfather), and I am from Kiev, and we built our scientific careers in USA. But when one enters the world of science, the national boundaries disappear - scientific discoveries are shared by all humanity.”

The 2020 Gamow Awards will be presented on December 5-6, 2020, at the virtual worldwide RASA Conference. The 2020 award laureates will give conference lectures.

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