Dr. Anup Das is Primary Investigator on Recent Award from the National Science Foundation

Dr. Anup Das, Assistance Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is the primary investigator on "RMTL: Small: Design of System

Anup Das

 Software to Facilitate Real-Time Neuromorphic Computing," recently funded by the National Science Foundation. The project is funded for three years for a total of $484,855. This is Dr. Das's first research award as a faculty member in ECE Department. Dr. Das's co-investigator's are Dr. Nagarajan Kandasamy, Professor in ECE, and Dr. James Shackleford, Associate Professor in ECE. 

"Machine learning methods such as neural networks have been successfully used in real-time computer vision and signal processing areas," writes the investigators in the project abstract. "Neuromorphic systems, which mimic biological neurons and synapses, can be used to implement these neural networks in energy-constrained computing platforms. However, due to the absence of user-friendly programming interface, the use of neuromorphic systems is currently limited to research. This project will develop such an interface, allowing for these systems to be more easily programmed and used by the broader science and engineering community within the U.S."

This NSF project will also incorporate undergraduate education with graduate research; students across all class levels and multiple disciplines will participate in the research areas covered by the project. Additionally, high school students will engage with the research via summer workshops, "learning to program robots equipped with neuromorphic hardware."

For more details and the full abstract, please see the NSF website.

Drexel ECE extends our more sincere congratulations to Dr. Das, Dr. Kandasamy, and Dr. Shackleford on this major accomplishment!