Peace Engineering Updates

Workshop Addresses Challenges of Urban Conflict

Workshop participants

Drexel’s Peace Engineering program and Arizona State University’s Center on the Future of War co-hosted a workshop in Washington, DC focused on the unique set of challenges posed by crisis and conflict management in urban settings. A diverse group of approximately 35 experienced scholars, practitioners, policymakers, engineers, humanitarian responders and journalists gathered to discuss how academic partnerships can be leveraged to advance the science and practice of crisis response, conflict transformation, peacebuilding and reconstruction. Peace Engineering faculty, staff and students Joe Hughes, Mira Olson, James Tangorra, Julie Drzylmalski, Amelia Hoover-Green, Hugh Johnson, Savanna Michener and John Henderson all participated.

Peace Engineering Hosts the Dialogue Project

On January 25, 2019, Peace Engineering hosted the Dialogue Project for students, faculty and guests. Alumni from the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies spoke about their experiences with cross-border environmental cooperation and peace-building.

Illana Leizin attended the Arava Institute in 2015 as an intern on an ecosystem service assessment and a Program Associate. She recently completed her masters in Sustainability and the Environment from Tel Aviv University. Mohammad Azraq studied at the Arava Institute in 2010 - 2011. Following his year at the Arava Institute, he was awarded the Atkin Fellowship for Arab Israeli Peace by the War Studies Department of King's College London, where he published a paper on grassroots community initiatives for renewable energy generation in West Bank villages.

Dean Walker Visits PeaceTech Lab

Dean Sharon Walker at PeaceTech lab

Sharon L. Walker, PhD, dean of Drexel’s College of Engineering, traveled with Peace Engineering faculty James Tangorra and Mira Olson to meet with peacebuilding partners at the PeaceTech Lab in Washington, DC. The group toured the new PeaceTech Lab building and discussed ways in which engineers and peacebuilders collaborate in the lab and in the field.

Peace Engineering Case Study Database

Visit our database of peace engineering case studies. Peace Engineering co-ops and students have worked hard to translate stories from the field into case studies that can be searched by both peacebuilding and engineering category. As the database grows, we will continue to provide examples and work-able problems designed to highlight the role of engineering in peacebuilding projects around the world.

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