Assistant Professor Andrew Magenau Selected as 2019 PMSE Young Investigator

Andrew Magenau
Andrew Magenau
Assistant Professor Andrew Magenau has been selected as a 2019 PMSE Young Investigator.

The award, given by the Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE) of the American Chemical Society, recognizes early stage researchers who have “made significant contributions to their respective fields within Polymer Science and Engineering.” Approximately 15 researchers are selected annually for the honor.

Magenau will present on “Synthesizing Precise Macromolecules through New Pathways: Functionalization Induced Self-Assembly and Alkylborane Initiation” at the PMSE Young Investigator Symposium at the Fall 2019 ACS National Meeting in San Diego, CA, to be held August 25-29, 2019. Speakers at the symposium will cover a broad range of topics including synthesis, processing, characterization, and physics of polymeric materials.

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