Shihs' Breast Cancer Detector Wins Bayer Aspirin Social Innovation Award

iBreastExam device

With over 42,000 votes from around the world, iBreastExam (iBE), a hand-held breast cancer screening device developed by Drexel Materials professor Wei-Heng Shih and associate professor Wan Shih from the School of Biomedical Engineering, won the 2017 Bayer Cares Foundation Aspirin Social Innovation Public Voting Award.

The award focuses on social innovation in health and nutrition with international scope. iBE is a portable, low-cost, radiation-free breast cancer detector that can be used in a doctor's office as a first-line to detect breast cancer in younger women as well as in women over 40 with mammographically dense-tissue breasts. It has been licensed to UE LifeSciences who has partnered with GE Healthcare to expand availability of iBE to 25+ countries, bringing this efficient, inexpensive screening option to more than 500 million women.

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