The College of Engineering Announces 2017 Award Winners

The College of Engineering is proud to acknowledge and award the following individuals for their outstanding service to the College and the University in the past year.

 Distinguished Service Award  Dr. Eli Fromm 
 Dr. Raj Mutharasan
 Outstanding Early-Career Research Achievement  Dr. Matthew Stamm
 Outstanding Mid-Career Research Achievement  Dr. Jonathan Spanier
 Outstanding Career Scholarly Research Achievement  Dr. Michel Barsoum
 Outstanding Teacher  Dr. Matthew McCarthy
 Outstanding Adjunct  Dr. Michael C. Grady
 Outstanding PhD Student  Ahmad Arabi Shamsabadi
 Outstanding Master's Student  Chenxi Li
 Outstanding Undergraduate Student  Anthony J. Abel
 Outstanding Academic Advising  Noelle Palladino
 Outstanding Professional Staff  Katie M. Brumbelow

Congratulations to all!