Zavaliangos' Work Featured in JPharmSci's  "Most Original and Most Significant Findings"

Antonio ZavaliangosResearch by A. W. Grosvenor Professor Antonios Zavaliangos and Materials alum Gerard (Jerry) Klinzing (PhD, 2012) has been selected to be featured in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences virtual issue “Most Original and Most Significant Scientific Findings.

Zavaliangos and Klinzing's work, outlined in the paper “A simplified model of moisture transport in hydrophilic porous media with applications to pharmaceutical tablets,” establishes a predictive model that explicitly recognizes microstructural parameters in the description of the overall mass uptake and local gradients of moisture into tablets. The model presented provides a new method to analyze the transient uptake of moisture into hydrophilic materials with the knowledge of only a few fundamental material and microstructural parameters. In addition, the model allows for quick and insightful predictions of moisture diffusion for a variety of practical applications including pharmaceutical tablets, porous polymer systems, or cementitious materials.

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