Prof. Kalra Edits Special Issue on “Recent Advances in Energy Storage and Conversion”

Dr. Vibha KalraProf. Kalra is the lead editor for the Chemical Engineering Science Special Issue on "Recent Advances in Energy Storage and Conversion”. The issue is co-edited by Prof. Suddhasatwa Basu (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India) and Prof. Wilson Smith (Delft University of Technology,The Netherlands).

Chemical Engineering Science is a premier chemical engineering journal (2015 Impact Factor of 2.75) established in 1951, and is widely read by both academic and industrial researchers. 

This special issue brings together 17 invited contributions integrating chemical engineering, materials science and electrochemistry principles to address the critical challenges for development of efficient, durable, scalable and cost-effective energy devices including Li/Na-ion batteries, flow batteries, fuel cells and solar cells. These contributions combine fundamental discoveries in material synthesis and interactions, transport of charge carriers, electrochemical interfaces, and electro-catalysis, with technological breakthroughs in materials engineering, scalable manufacturing, device assembly/fabrication and device diagnosis during operation that will ultimately lead to next-generation energy storage and conversion technologies.

You can read all invited contributions.

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