Doctoral Students Kerry Hamilton and Jacob Price awarded Claudio Elia Memorial Fellowship

Jacob Price

Kerry Hamilton

Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Department doctoral students Kerry Hamilton and Jacob Price were recently awarded Drexel University’s Claudio Elia Memorial Fellowship in Environmental Science or Environmental Engineering of $7,500 each. This Fellowship was established in memory of Claudio Elia, an international business leader in environmental science and environmental engineering.

Kerry is from Rockville Centre, New York and graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BA in Public Health and a MHS in Environmental Health Sciences. Kerry is currently a Fulbright Fellow in Australia, doing research with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and working with the “Water for a Healthy Country” multidisciplinary National Research Flagship to measure concentrations of waterborne pathogens in roof-harvested rainwater tanks and model their association with meteorological factors. She will also compare two different laboratory methods and conduct a risk assessment to inform Australian public health policies. She is also a past recipient of The Steven E. Giegerich Memorial Scholarship. Kerry is advised by Charles N Haas, PhD

Jacob is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and received his BS in Mathematics from Penn State University. Jacob worked as an actuary and then a statistician and then returned to school to obtain a MS in Environmental Engineering from Temple University. His research interests consist of algal biotechnologies for waste treatment and resource recovery, contaminant fate and transport, and he is currently a College of Engineering recipient of a U.S. Department of Education GAANN Fellowship. He is also a recent recipient of the Koerner Family Award for Graduate Students in the College of Engineering. Jacob is advised by Christopher Sales, PhD.