Mission and Vision

The mission of the Engineering Technology department is to provide contemporary students with an academic foundation and practical education through an outstanding curriculum and applied research program, and the participation of our students in one of the nation's most successful cooperative educational programs.

The Engineering Technology department provides an integrated educational experience directed toward applying fundamental knowledge to the solution of practical technological problems including product improvement, manufacturing, construction, and engineering operational functions.

As an ET graduate, you will be prepared to bridge the gap that often exists between the engineer/scientist and the technical or production workforce. To do this, the ET department works toward three primary goals:

  • To introduce students to the experimental principles and concepts of engineering technology by applying contemporary skills and knowledge in a variety of positions based on the industry's needs.
  • To provide students with a strong foundation of engineering best practices and to stimulate students' interest by using a problem-solving approach in state-of-the-art laboratories.
  • To provide students with leadership, management, communication skills, and professional ethics, serving as a foundation for future development and career success.