Strategic Vision

Reimagining Our Future

New students in auditorium
New engineering students met with Dean Walker at the start of the 2018-19 school year.

At the beginning of 2019, Dean Sharon L. Walker announced the College of Engineering would embark upon a strategic design process to frame a compelling vision for our future, and to articulate the key commitments and priorities that will enable us to collectively achieve that vision.

  • Phase I: Background and developing a framework to move forward for decision-making
  • Phase II: Launch open forums and convene active working groups for input from the broader community
  • Phase III: Review timeline for implementation and action steps

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About GLP

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Greenwich Leadership Partners (GLP) integrates consulting, coaching, facilitation and industry expertise to help schools and not-for-profits think strategically about learning and leadership. Areas of GLP expertise include governance, human capital strategy, leadership transitions, organizational change, and professional development.

Their clients include a variety of K-12 schools and academies, as well as non-profits such as Columbia University Facilities, Columbia University Medical Center, Inter-Academic Athletic League of Philadelphia, The Loyola Jesuit Center, and The White House Project, to name a few.

The GLP team working directly with the college on our strategic planning efforts includes Stephanie Rogen, principal and founder; Sarah Goldin, partner; and Katie Knowlton, senior consultant and director of programs.

Learn more about GLP, their collaborators, and their work.

Students participate in a focus group for the strategic plan.
Engineering students participate in a focus group for the strategic plan.

Timeline & Action Steps

In January 2019, CoE Leadership met with GLP, which launched collaborative meetings as well as one-on-one interviews to begin initial collection of feedback. The goal was to launch the process with the college through an intentional and focused slate of activities aimed at collecting important feedback and data about the current state of CoE, as well as individual and collective points of pride, challenges, and areas for growth. All of this information will be used to determine key themes and ideas that will drive the strategic planning process into the future.


Be sure to bookmark this webpage to follow along as we move through the strategic planning process and to see upcoming dates and opportunities to stay engaged. If you have questions or comments about the strategic planning process, let us know at