Vibha Kalra

Associate Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Vibha Kalra

Associate Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Degrees / Education

  • PhD, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University, 2009
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India, 2004

Research Interests

Electrodes for Energy Storage and Conversion. Supercapacitors, Li-S Batteries, Fuel Cells, Flow Batteries. Electrospinning of Nanofibers. Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Academic Distinctions

  • AICHE DVS Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award, 2015
  • Outstanding Research Award, College of Engineering, Drexel University, 2015
  • Outstanding Research Award, CBE, Drexel University, 2014
  • Early Career Travel Grant, Energy Technology Division, The Electrochemical Society, 2014
  • ONR Summer Faculty Fellowship Award, 2013
  • NSF CAREER Award, 2012
  • Faculty Career Development Award, Drexel University, 2011-2012
  • Austin Hooey Research Excellence Award, Cornell University, 2009

Select Publications

Singh, A.; Kalra, V. Electrospun Nanostructures for Conversion Type Cathode (S, Se) Based Lithium and Sodium batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2019, 7, 11613 (Invited Review).

Dillard, C.; Singh, A.; Kalra, V. Polysulfide Speciation and Electrolyte Interactions in Lithium–Sulfur Batteries with in Situ Infrared Spectroelectrochemistry. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2018, 122, 18195.

Simotwo, S.; Chinnam, PR.; Wunder, S. L.; Kalra, V. Self-Standing Supercapacitor Based on Ionic Liquid-Rich Ionogel and Activated Carbon Nanofiber Electrodes. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2017, 9, 33749

Lawrence, D.; Tran, C.; Mallajoysula, A.T.; Doorn, S.K.; Mohite, A.; Gupta, G.; Kalra, V. High-energy Density Nanofiber-based Solid-state Supercapacitors. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2016, 4, 160. Featured as a JMCA HOT Paper.

Chung, S-H.; Singhal, R.; Kalra, V.; Manthiram, A. Electrochemically Stable Rechargeable Lithium–Sulfur Batteries with a Microporous Carbon Nanofiber Filter for Polysulfide. Advanced Energy Materials 2015, DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201500738.

Singhal, R.; Chung, S-H.; Manthiram, A.; Kalra, V. Free-standing Carbon Nanofiber Interlayer for High Performance Lithium-Sulfur Batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2015, 3, 4530.

Singhal, R.; Kalra, V. Using Common Salt to Impart Pseudocapacitive Functionalities to Carbon Nanofibers. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2015, 3, 377.

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