New Student Financial Checklist

We are excited you will be joining Drexel!

Now that you have confirmed your enrollment, you and your family should understand and prepare for financing your college education.

There's a lot of new information about college finances that you will have to absorb, but you can easily view the steps below. You can also download a copy of the Billing and Financing Guide below for more information.

Step One: Finalize Your Financial Aid

You should make sure your financial aid information is up-to-date and complete any outstanding requirements.

Accept Your Financial Aid Awards

If you have been offered any federal loans or work-study, you will need to accept or decline them according to the following instructions:

  • Log in to DrexelOne.
  • Select the Billing+Financial Aid tab.
  • In the Financial Aid Requirements section, expand the "Select your Federal Aid" item.
  • Select the link in the message.
  • Select the Accept Award Offer tab in the top navigation.
  • Follow the instructions on the new page to accept or decline your aid.

If you wish to accept your loans, but would like to adjust the amount(s), please complete a Loan Adjustment Form [PDF].

Complete Your Financial Aid Requirements

You may have requirements that you need to complete to receive your financial aid. Certain financial aid awards have associated requirements that should be completed as soon as possible. You will be notified via your Drexel email when you have outstanding requirements. You can view the status of your requirements via the Billing+Financial Aid tab in DrexelOne. We recommend that you frequently check DrexelOne to find out if you have any remaining requirements.

Step Two: Review Additional Financing Options

Start learning about personal finances and how they relate to your attendance at Drexel.

Read the Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

There are a lot of important aspects to understand about your financial aid. This can include what can happen because of changes to your enrollment status, housing status, and the details surrounding Satisfactory Academic Progress. Learn more about the terms and conditions of your financial aid.

Review Financing Options

There are many resources available that may help you cover the cost of your Drexel education. An important resource that many students use to their advantage is private scholarships, which are offered by many sources. View more about private loans and our recommended scholarship search engines.

Step Three: Learn About Your Privacy and the Drexel Family Portal

A student's college record is protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This law protects students' privacy, which restricts the University from discussing personal, academic, and financial information, with anyone other than the student. This will probably represent a change from how family members have been involved in their students' education in the past. View more details about how FERPA impacts you and your family.

Drexel’s Family Portal provides relevant, up-to-date information about all things Drexel in one central location. Activate your account to request access to view student's billing information, financial aid, grades, and class schedules.

Drexel University: Understanding the eBill

Drexel University uses an electronic billing system that allows students to access their account summary and eBill statements online.

Step Four: Prepare Your Billing Account

When you receive your first eBill statement, it is important to understand the elements of your eBill and how to make payments to Drexel. View the video below to familiarize yourself with Drexel's monthly statement, the eBill. 

Download Drexel's eBill Guide [PDF]

Drexel bills electronically, which means that monthly eBill statements and current account information is only available via DrexelOne; no billing information is mailed by the University. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the following important features:

  • Student Billing Account – You will access your eBill via DrexelOneView a full description of how to access the eBill and the functions available.
  • Authorized User Access – You can provide eBill access to your parents, guardians, and anyone else you wish to be an authorized user. Set up an authorized user.
  • Notification of eBill Statements – Email notification that a monthly eBill statement has been issued is sent to your Drexel email and to any authorized user. Students can also sign up for text message notifications.
  • eRefunds – Students can sign up to receive refunds from their student accounts as direct deposits into the bank account of their choice. View more information about eRefunds and sign up.
  • Special Note About Housing Deposits – For students who reside in Drexel housing, housing deposits will be held until June of their first year. At the end of June, deposits will be applied to the student's account. If a student is assessed any balance, those charges will be deducted from the deposit before it is applied to the student's account.

Pay Your eBill

There are many ways available to pay your eBill. When your eBill is available, you can view it in DrexelOne.

For a complete schedule of Drexel's eBill issue and due dates, visit Billing Due Dates.

Step Five: Complete the Student Financial Obligation (SFO) Requirement

By enrolling and registering for courses, you (the student) are establishing a financial obligation to Drexel University. A week before your first quarter begins, you will be required to read and agree or disagree that you understand the SFO in reference to that financial obligation. You must agree to the SFO in order to register for classes. If you disagree, you will not be able to register. This requirement will also occur every quarter thereafter before you can register for classes/co-op.

Review the SFO text and instructions about completing this requirement.

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