Self-Help Resources for Students

In addition to the services provided by Counseling and Health, you may need help in finding additional information about other resources, both on and off-campus.

Within this section, you will find presentations and handouts on a variety of mental health topics and links to additional information online. These resources are often used during outreach presentations and workshops and may be beneficial in providing you with information about concerns you may have.

Take an Anonymous Screening

The Drexel University Counseling Center partners with the Center for Collegiate Mental Health to provide a general online mental health screening which can be accessed by students who may have questions about whether or not their current concerns may warrant additional help. This online screening is free, anonymous and quick. It is provided so that you may find out — in a few minutes — whether or not professional consultation would be helpful to you. Students may screen for several areas of mental health, including anxiety, depression, academic distress, eating concerns, frustration level, family stress, and alcohol use.

Please visit the CCAPS - Screen website for more information and to take a free, anonymous screening.

Drexel is also affiliated with ULifeline, a project of the JED Foundation. ULifeline includes a Self-Evaluator which was developed at the Duke University School of Medicine and screens for thirteen of the most common mental health conditions that college students face. This screening does not provide a diagnosis, but identifies problems that could be impacting thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The screening process also provides information on these conditions and how to reach out for help. Complete the free, anonymous Self-Evaluator today.

The content provided here is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment, nor should it replace the consultation of a trained medical or mental health professional. Please note that outside links are not under our control, and we cannot guarantee the content contained on them.

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