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Cultural identity is part of a person's self-concept and is related, but not limited, to nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, religion, social class, generation, or any social group that has its own distinct culture.

Each individual's identity consists of multiple, overlapping identity markers (named above) and these identities intersect with one another and shape us and our views on the world. Our identities can be somewhat fluid and some aspects remain stable over time. Some identities are visible while others are invisible (may include, but are not limited to: religion, occupation, national origin, club or social group memberships, illnesses and sexual orientation). We recognize that identities are nuanced and important to recognize, especially when we work towards social equity and understanding how people experience the world differently based on their identity.

While we are unable to provide information on all identities and intersecting identities, we hope you will find helpful information in our Cultural Identity Resource section.

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