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Alcohol and Other Drug Resources

Crisis Resources

Should you find yourself in a mental health crisis or health-related emergency, you need to know who to contact right away.

Drexel's Counseling Center is committed to promoting a campus culture that fosters healthy decisions.

The college experience is often characterized by adventure and experimentation and, for some students, this may include the use of alcohol and other drugs. For students who want to work to understand their relationship to substances, whether it be pursuing abstinence, modifying usage, or prioritizing safety — the Counseling Center aims to create an affirming and collaborative space to explore the following.

  • Putting harm reduction and equity at the center of alcohol and other drug choices.
  • Educating and empowering the campus community on how to make healthy and informed decisions and better understand what resources are available to the Drexel community in order to support students.
  • Recognizing and respecting that many students may choose to abstain from using alcohol or other drugs.
  • Discouraging high-risk behaviors around substance use.
  • Noticing and supporting them through problematic behaviors and situations and addressing them in a timely, effective, and compassionate manner.
  • Consistently and compassionately holding students accountable for campus policies around alcohol and other drugs.

We are pleased to announce that students can find community; information; and a relaxing, safe, and supportive environment at the Alcohol and Other Drug Resource Space in Creese 001 (in the sub-level). This space will be open for students by spring term 2024. For any questions, please email recovery@drexel.edu

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