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About the Office of Counseling and Health

Crisis Resources

Should you find yourself in a mental health crisis or health-related emergency, you need to know who to contact right away.

Counseling and Health provides premier support for the general health and well-being of our Drexel students.

The offices within Counseling and Health support students with personal, physical, and psychological challenges that interfere with their ability to complete their academic goals. Drexel strives to educate students to embrace good health practices and offer programs and services to assist with maintaining good health, psychologically, and physically.

Counseling services are provided to undergraduate and graduate students, directly and indirectly. Services are also provided to faculty and staff through consultation and referral services through the Counseling Center. Overall health and alcohol and other drug related educational materials and workshops are also provided through our Student Health Center, Counseling Center, and Center for Autism and Neurodiversity (CAN) throughout the year.

At other times our services are indirectly beneficial to all members of the Drexel community, as in monitoring policy compliance with health insurance and current immunizations which exists to protect the general health and well-being of the University community.

Our Drexel Student Health Center provides primary care to all Drexel students and CAN works to develop the academic and social skills of our neurodiverse students necessary to succeed at Drexel and in life.


  • Promote and support the general well-being of our students
  • Provide health and well-being resources that enhance our students' personal, emotional, social, and academic goals
  • Promoting immunization and health insurance compliance for a healthier campus
  • Provide a full range of health services
  • Providing support services to assist with educational, personal, intellectual, professional and social recovery
  • Assist students in choosing healthy options in challenging everyday situations
  • Ensure equal access for students in an atmosphere that values, honors, and respects diversity in its broadest sense
  • Peer Counseling

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Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Crisis Resources