"Working at the iCommons definitely..."


"Working at the iCommons definitely taught me a lot about how a college environment works. Interacting with the professional staff and my co-workers really showed me how different issues and technical problems would affect different demographics. It was even hilarious sometimes, and more often than not, you could notice a pattern. It taught me how to be flexible for the job, how to treat everybody the same, and notice how people would treat us as the CCI Commons staff. Improving my email etiquette was a huge thing- it wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t where I wanted it to be. So that definitely got better. Also figuring out which professors would be more of a priority in terms of how pressing their tech problems were and understanding the position hierarchy here at CCI. I got to know people better because now when I take classes with these some of the professors I’ve helped, I can help them with their teaching and see how all the pieces fit together by applying what I learned at my coop here at the CCI commons."


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