Timothy Gorichanaz Wins 2017 Litwin Books Award for Ongoing Dissertation Research in the Philosophy of Information

Timothy Gorchanaz, PhD, assistant teaching professor at Drexel University’s College of Computing & Informatics (CCI), was recently awarded the 2017 Litwin Books Award for Ongoing Dissertation Research in the Philosophy of Information for his dissertation project titled “Understanding Self-Documentation.” Gorichanaz’ research focuses on the current societal obsession with self-documentation through digital methods, like the “selfie,” through the lens of document theory and the philosophy of information.

The award, which includes a $1,000 scholarship, is given annually to a graduate student in information science who is working toward a dissertation in the philosophy of information. There are a variety of philosophical considerations in the field of information science as we share more of our personal life online. Gorichanaz’ dissertation provides valuable contributions to the study of philosophy of information.

One of the members of the award committee commented, “Gorichanaz shows a wide-ranging knowledge of the relevant work in philosophy and information science, displaying an ability to make novel and insightful connections amongst a broad range of theorists. On this base he builds a set of well-crafted and fascinating research questions about the nature of the self-portrait as a document and as a form of experiential understanding."

Gorichanaz received his PhD in Information Studies from CCI, completed his master of arts degree in Spanish & Latin American linguistic, literary and cultural studies at New York University in Madrid, and holds a certification in teaching English to speakers of other languages from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and a bachelor of arts degree in advertising and Spanish from Marquette University. His work has been published in Journal of Documentation, The Library Quarterly, and Library and Information Science Research. He recently presented at the Information: Interaction and Impact (i³) conference in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The Litwin Books Award for Ongoing Doctoral Dissertation Research in the Philosophy of Information is sponsored and administered by Litwin Books, LLC, an independent scholarly publisher.

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