"The biggest challenge I faced.."


"The biggest challenge I faced as an International Student was the culture shock I experienced when I moved to the United States for college. It was my first time here. I had never been outside of the city that I grew up in. The people, the way of life; everything was very different from what I was used to. Of course, over time, I adapted to the new environment and I don’t feel like I don’t belong anymore. The other challenge was finding a place to live off campus in Sophomore year. I was all by myself in a different country. It was definitely very intimidating at first, but it was part of ‘adulting.’ I feel that college is challenging for everyone no matter where they come from. The biggest struggle I’ve noticed among my peers is balancing classes and a part time job. I too, am struggling to find a balance. There are times when I wake up really early and go to bed really late because of how much work there is but I know in the end it will all be worth it."


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