Tips for Standing Out at a Virtual Career Networking Event: Q & A with One of the Students Who Built the Platform

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The College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) will host its annual Fall Career Networking Event this Thursday, November 12 from 4 to 6 p.m. The networking event, which typically takes place on campus, will be held virtually this year using a platform designed and implemented by a team of CCI students on co-op at Ciright.

We chatted with Kim Tran (Information Systems '22), one of the co-op students who worked on creating the platform. Read our conversation below to get her advice for standing out.

CCI: What is your co-op position?

Kim Tran: My co-op position title is Business and Technology Analyst.

CCI: Tell me about the process of building this platform – what was it like working with the client, and what kind of constraints did you have to work around?

KT: As a CCI student, I felt comfortable working with members of the CCI community. Kate Duncan [Director of the Corporate Partners Program] and the rest of her team welcomed my partner and me when we were just one month into our co-ops. 

One of the constraints I faced was that Ciright’s whole development team is in India, so my partner and I had to work around their time. It was tough at first because we had to learn a whole new software system in a short amount of time to understand how to configure these different platforms. With the help of the other 5 Drexel Co-Ops, part-timers, and Ciright’s CEO, Joseph Callahan, I was confident that we would produce a platform that will benefit not only the students but also the employers to bring the career networking experience online. 

CCI: What did you learn from working on this project?

KT: From this experience, I learned how to communicate more effectively and how to manage my time. I also learned to be quick on my feet because you’d never know when a problem could arise.

CCI: What advice do you have for students who are preparing for the career networking event – any tips for making themselves stand out on the platform, or general advice for putting your best foot forward?

KT: My advice would be to ask good questions to stand out better and to get the speaker’s contact information to thank them afterward. Before the event, make sure to upload your resume and that your profile is complete. Research the employers and the companies to understand what the company does and whether their corporate culture is a good fit for you.

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