"I’ve always been a driven.."


"I’ve always been a driven, overachiever-esque student. Back when I was in high school I was always trying to get the most out of the activities that I was a part of- I was in band, I got into leadership, I was also in boy scouts. I hadto get the Eagle Scout, so I got the Eagle Scout. I pushed myself and got 3 palms- palms in Eagle scouts is a higher designation with comes with more work and responsibility. I’ve always been like that. So when I got to Drexel, I wanted to do something similar because I’ve always had that attitude. That’s one of the reasons why I came to Drexel for the BS/MS program. I am taking 3 graduate classes right now, I love the content. The drive to always fill up my plate also comes from the fact that I don’t want to go back to school for an additional two years to get my master’s degree. It’s sort of a combination of thinking from a monetary standpoint where I save a lot of tuition money when doing BS/MS, and me pushing myself to be better."

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