"It all started when I was in a lab at PISB..."

Akriti Keswani

"I never in my life thought I would study something as mathematically and theoretically challenging as computer science. It all started when I was in a lab at PISB and looked at how genome annotation worked. I loved the fact that software was being applied seamlessly to something so fundamental in the study of virology and biology. The concept of using software to make this process easier for humans was what led me to explore fields such as bioinformatics. This is around the time I decided to take my first computer science class at Drexel, and I am so happy I made that decision! This field has not been easy, as the learning curve has been insanely tough for me; nevertheless, the more I learned about algorithms and how they are applied to complex, yet effective ML models and areas such as cognitive science, I marveled at what the future may be for one that deeply enjoys the unique blend of science and technology."   


"Looking forward, I really would like to contribute to software that revolutionizes specific areas of medicine and health care technology, so we could use sophisticated machine learning models to optimize the time of health care personnel. Furthermore, it would be pretty cool to conduct research in areas of cognitive science which leverage technology to understand the human brain better, as well!"

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