"I worked as a software engineer at Dell Boomi..."


"I worked as a software engineer at Dell Boomi. My responsibilities included creating and automating multiple QA test cases. My responsibilities then transferred to more of a DevOps kind of role where I started to automate more QA test cases into parallel processes. Here I learned a lot about docker and parallel processing.


One of the most fun things I did while I was at Boomi was the annual hackathon that I was part of. My group and I created an AI-machine learning model where it looked at the processes running in the backend to get to understand why some processes were failing and we trained the model to look for specific errors. We were able to run scenarios and see why this happened and were also able to get results from the model. This could help reduce costs incurred by the client, thereby making them run their business smoother.


What I liked most about Boomi is their culture- it was very welcoming and understanding. On my first day at work, my entire team came to my table and introduced themselves to me and helped me get set up with my machine and other software that I needed. I’ve made a lot of friends that co-oped there with me whom I still talk to. 


The fact that I was able to learn bash and python, among other languages from my  CS courses helped me immensely with my work when I had to do parallel processing for the QA test cases; CS 265 was particularly helpful for this co-op."



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