"Even though I have attended the Grace Hopper Celebration.."


"Even though I have attended the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) once in the past, I was still very overwhelmed by the number of women that attend every year. I was definitely better prepared this time, I knew what to expect. I planned out my days more effectively and I learned how to talk to recruiters and so in a way I was more productive this year as opposed to last. It was an amazing networking opportunity because tech companies send their recruiters there because they are constantly looking to hire more people. It is also a great place to find a mentor. When you attend, you definitely want to plan out everything because you will pretty much miss about a whole week of school so you want to ensure that your academics don’t suffer while you’re gone. When they release the GHC schedules, you want to be sure to register for all the activities you are interested in before they all fill up. Definitely check out the career fair when you are there because you might even get a job offer. I think GHC has had a very positive impact on my life because coming in as a CS major, I’ve always felt intimidated by the lack of women in the classroom. And so, going to a conference where there are about 25,000 women engineers, inspires you and makes you feel empowered."


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