Drexel CCI Student Profile: Sophia Ezomoghene, MSI Library & Information Science

Sophia EzomogheneSophia Ezomoghene is a Graduate Dean's Ambassador and a student in Drexel CCI's ALA-accredited MS in Information - Library & Information Science program. Learn more about Sophia and her experience at Drexel:

CCI: How do you feel your time at Drexel has prepared you for your future career?

Sophia Ezomoghene: After I graduate, I hope to become a children’s librarian or a children’s literature special collections curator. The skills and knowledge gained at Drexel will enable me to excel in either role. In the Leading and Managing Information Organization course, I learned the importance of effective communication and how leadership styles affect staff morale. In the Resources for Children course, I explored books, and the criteria authors and illustrators must meet to become nominated for prestigious awards, such as the Coretta Scott King award. These are just two courses that I believe have prepared me to take on the responsibilities of working and leading in a public library.

CCI: What are your favorite parts of Drexel’s Library & Information Science (LIS) degree program?

SE: The variety of elective courses has been a highlight of my time in the MSI-LIS program. The elective courses have allowed me to explore topics and fields I had not previously thought of, such as storytelling and archival work. The storytelling course allowed me to explore the origins and structure of folktales and fairytales from West Africa. The archival course helped me better understand the process of preserving history and culture. I cannot wait to start my digital preservation course in fall 2022.

CCI: Did you come to Drexel with any prior experience in the LIS field?

SE: I am currently the assistant director of an early childhood literacy program at the Free Library of Philadelphia. I am also a former classroom teacher. Therefore, I have always been surrounded by children’s books and little readers. However, I do not have direct experience as a children’s librarian or a children’s literature special collections curator.

CCI: Why did you choose Drexel to pursue your graduate studies?

SE: I have always wanted to pursue a master’s degree in librarianship; however, the cost was a barrier. After gaining acceptance into the MSI-LIS program at Drexel, I applied for the Drexel University-Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation MSI-LIS Scholarship. I was grateful to be named a recipient. 

CCI: What advice would you give to someone who’s considering going to Drexel for their master’s in Library & Information Science?

SE: Enrolling in an online graduate program sounds daunting. You may worry about the lack of structure or fret over the possibility of not making connections with professors or classmates. However, the online MSI-LIS program at Drexel University will put those worries to bed. The courses are asynchronous. This flexibility allows you to build a study routine around your schedule and needs. The Blackboard discussions, group projects, and one-on-one professor Zoom meetings enable you to establish relationships and expand your professional network. 


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