Drexel CCI Opens Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Space

Muneera CadersaApril marks the sacred month of Ramadan for the Muslim community. During this month, practicing Muslims observe a strict fast from dawn to dusk.

This month, practicing students at Drexel’s College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) will no longer need to leave the building to pray. Thanks to the initiative of CCI third-year BS in data science student Muneera Cadersa, the College has opened an Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Space on the 11th floor of 3675 Market.  

Cadersa, who serves as a CCI Undergraduate Dean’s Ambassador and as vice president of the Drexel Muslim Student Association (MSA), recognized a need for dedicated, on-campus space for practicing students.

Cadersa noted that prior to the opening of CCI’s Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Space, many students would walk to the prayer space at James E. Marks Intercultural Center (JEMIC) -- about a 15-minute walk from CCI classrooms.

“[In my role as] vice president of Drexel MSA, I realized that other students, regardless of their faith, also faced the same challenge,” she said. “Prayer has always been the pillar of my life. As Muslims, we are supposed to pray five daily prayers.”

In working with CCI’s Associate Director of Operations and Faculty Affairs Brenna Martin, Assistant Dean of Operations & Faculty Affairs & Diversity Officer Marie Fazio and the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Council, Cadersa helped to create on the 11th floor of 3675 Market. The space, located near room 1116 and the Emeritus Faculty office, is now open to CCI students, faculty and professional staff.

“I feel extremely grateful and blessed to have been able to initiate and set up a space that will impact everyone,” said Cadersa. “Thank you, CCI, for always going over and above to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone.”

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