Computer Science Alumni Spotlight: Samantha Bewley

During her time as an undergraduate student at the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI), Samantha Bewley ('17) held a co-op position with eMoney Advisor. She fell in love with the company’s culture and easily transitioned from co-op to full-time Software Engineer Supervisor after she graduated with her dual Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science. Bewley recently completed her dual Master’s degree at Villanova University (also in Mathematics and Computer Science) with support from her employer. She sat down with us to chat about her experiences as a student at Drexel, which aspects of the culture at eMoney made her certain it was the right fit, and her advice for CCI’s next generation of tech talent.

CCI: How did you know Drexel was the right fit for your undergraduate studies?
Samantha Bewley: I went to Drexel on a whim during an open house, and that was the first time I heard of the co-op program which I just thought was the coolest thing ever. I loved that you could get real-life experience while you were working. And I don’t know how to explain it, but I just fell in love with Drexel after that visit. There’s so much energy there, and I loved the personal hustle I saw in the students. It’s right in the city and there’s so much to do. I just really loved the whole atmosphere and the co-op program sealed the deal for me.

CCI: Speaking of co-op, your first co-op experience was at eMoney. What about that experience made you want to return as a full-time employee after you graduated?
SB: That’s right, I did my first co-op at eMoney after my pre-junior year and I actually worked there part-time when I went back to Drexel for classes, and went back for my second co-op. And during my last term of senior year, I only had one class requirement to fulfill so I started working full-time in April 2017 before I graduated, and I’ve stayed on since then. 

CCI: What was the transition like for you going from being a co-op to a full-time employee? Did it take any adjustment for you to own your skills and feel prepared to take on additional responsibility?
It wasn’t a major transition, really – when I was on co-op there it was basically like being an entry level employee. They do the same training program and the same type of work. So for me, I was a co-op on Friday and the next Monday when I came in I became full-time. The only thing that really changed was that I started to get paid time off!

CCI: Tell us about the culture at eMoney. What made it the kind of place you wanted to keep working after completing that first co-op?
SB: Everyone at eMoney is just so great to work with. It’s a very highly collaborative culture where we work together and make sure that everyone is able to accomplish their goals. I’ve worked at other companies where it was much more siloed, and the main thing I love about eMoney is getting to work with all the people here. They also have amazing benefits – they helped pay for my Master’s degree, and they have flexible work-from-home policies.

CCI: You’ll be a panelist along with representatives from two of our other partners, Aramark and American Water, at an upcoming campus event for our new class of CCI students. What kind of advice do you have for freshman who are just starting their career journeys?
SB: My biggest piece of advice is to be confident and believe in your abilities. Don’t go into new jobs or experiences thinking you’re not qualified. I’ve seen women students, especially, being a little nervous because this is a male dominated industry. You just have to show up. Don’t be afraid to take that class that everyone says is hard, or to apply for that job that everyone wants.

CCI: Were there any experiences during your time as a student at Drexel that helped you find your own confidence and be able to believe in your abilities?
SB: I was super involved in being a teaching assistant, and I think that helped a lot. I was asked to be a teaching assistant – I didn’t apply for the job – so I think that definitely boosted my confidence. I made a point to go to office hours and make a connection with my professors, especially if I was struggling with something in the classroom. I think just by being involved, you have so many more opportunities open to you than if you just go to class and go home.

Learn more about our partnership with eMoney Advisor by reading their Corporate Partner profile

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