"Although it’s hard to pinpoint one..."

"Although it’s hard to pinpoint one exact event that molded me into the person that I am today, I can say that there was always one constant in my life that helped shape my nature— and that was my incessant tendency of being curious. ⁠

Growing up, I was always surrounded by unconditional love from my friends and family, and I was able to channel the love that I received in the form of asking questions. My curiosity drove me into thinking about the way things work in, as one might say, slightly 'unorthodox' manners. I found that this curiosity led me to see continual patterns in the world, and I soon came to believe that everything was connected in one way or another. My constant love for learning hasn’t really changed, and if anything, it has helped me view the world in a different light.⁠"⁠

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