Congratulations to CCI’s 2022 Awardees, Senior Project Winners and Retiring Faculty Members

On June 7, the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) at Drexel University hosted its annual Honors Ceremony to recognize and celebrate recipients of 2022 University, College and departmental awards, Senior Project winners and retiring faculty members. The ceremony took place in CCI’s 10th floor lobby, followed by a reception on 3675 Market’s outdoor terrace.

“Your academic achievements, leadership, research excellence, and exceptional service have undoubtedly contributed to our collective success as a College and the betterment of our community,” said Isaac L. Auerbach Professor and Dean Yi Deng, PhD in his welcome remarks. “We are so proud of your accomplishments, hard work and dedication.”

In addition to those receiving awards, Deng also recognized retiring faculty: Associate Teaching Professor David Augenblick, MS, Professor Emeritus Bruce Char, PhD, Professor Emerita Susan Gasson, PhD, and Professor Emeritus Jeffrey Popyack, PhDRead more about retiring faculty here

The following members of CCI community were recognized during the June 7 CCI Honors Ceremony:

2021-22 Drexel Research, Scholarship and Creativity Awards & Provost Awards for Teaching, Scholarship & Professional Service

  • Evidence-Based Teaching Award in Undergraduate STEM: Assistant Teaching Professor Tammy Pirmann, EdD
  • Summer Research Awards for Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty: Associate Professor Yuan An, PhD & Assistant Professor Preetha Chatterjee, PhD

Read more about University/Provost 2022 Awardees

2022 College Awards

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Nicholas DeFilippis, Jessica Jha
  • Outstanding Graduate Student: Elizabeth Campbell
  • Dean’s Student Leadership & Service: Ledornubari Nwilene
  • Student Teaching Excellence Awards: Vivek Khimani (undergraduate); Xizhi Tan (graduate)
  • PhD Research Excellence: Angela Mastrianni
  • Faculty Teaching Excellence: Associate Professor Vasilis Gkatzelis, PhD; Assistant Teaching Professor Bhupesh Shetty, PhD
  • Faculty Research Excellence: Assistant Professor Chris MacLellan, PhD
  • Faculty Leadership: Associate Professor Aleksandra Sarcevic, PhD
  • Professional Staff Leadership: Karen DeVose, EdD
  • Professional Staff Achievement: Brian Bijeau, Brenna Martin

Department of Information Science Awards

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching/Course Assistant Award: George Farmer (undergraduate); Layla Bouzoubaa (graduate)
  • Exceptional Academic Achievement Award: Summer Beasley (undergraduate); Dom Jebbia (graduate)
  • Outstanding Research Assistant Award: Andrew Zeyher (undergraduate)
  • Distinguished Service Leadership Award Jayme Hendrickson (undergraduate); Prateek Goel (graduate)

Department of Computer Science Awards

  • Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Leadership (undergraduate): Charles (Charlie) Stuart
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching/Course Assistant Award: Katarina Galic, Erin Ingram
  • Honorable Mention (undergraduate): Matthew Chong, Hoang Nam Le, Kartik Mohan
  • High Performance Computing Award (Undergraduate GPA >= 3.99): Jerry Cherian, Nicholas DeFilippis, Stephen Hansen, Matthew L. Innaurato, Brian V. Nguyen, Duy Nguyen, Huy Vo, Stefan A. Wagner, Ao Wang
  • James B. Maginnis Award: Ameer R. Jalil, Tyler Le
  • A* Award: Nicholas DeFilippis
  • Maple Founders Award: Isamu M. Isozaki
  • Werner Krandick Award: Jennifer Engimann
  • Jay Modi Memorial Award: Levi Kapllani Maharaj, Daniel Schoepflin
  • Graduate Research Award: Jason Lefever
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant: Patrick Brinich

2021-22 Senior Project Winners

The CCI Senior Project is a competition for outstanding CCI senior project development groups, which showcases the integration and application of their undergraduate degree program into a capstone project. The following students were recognized as finalists for 2021-22:

Corporate Category

1st Place: Player 2 (Tri Le, Ahnaf An Nafee, Sahithi Pisupati, Kevin Li, Harshwardhan Pande, Ziwei Hou; Faculty Advisor: Teaching Professor Jeff Salvage)

2nd Place: My Care Team (Christopher Good, Colin Beckford, Tess Porter, Evelynn Ouellette, Kim Tran, Jacob Williamson; Faculty Advisor: Professor Gregory Hislop, PhD)

3rd Place: Drexel Shuttle (Tuan Phan Nguyen, Minh Quan Phan, Zeen ‘Joe’ Xu, Khanh Tran, Tung Phi, Duy Nguyen; Faculty Advisor: Associate Teaching Professor Filippos Vokolos, PhD)

Research Category

1st Place: Frugality of Uncapacitated Facility Location (Nicholas DeFilippis; Faculty Advisor: Associate Professor Vasilis Gkatzelis, PhD)

2nd Place: Decepticons Attack! Attacking and Defending Cyber Defense Systems Using Transformers (Palash Pandey; Faculty Advisor: Associate Professor Jake Williams, PhD)

3rd Place: Fully Homomorphic Encryption Implementation (Stephen Hansen; Faculty Advisor: Professor Jeremy Johnson, PhD)

Humanitarian Category

1st Place: Metropolis IOT (Benny Mai, Guai Zheng, Jason Ly, Kevin Wong, Nathan Ung, Tony Zhu; Faculty Advisor: Professor Gregory Hislop, PhD)

2nd Place: Digital Pathology and Eosinophil Detection (Anthony Goncharenko, Kevin Karnani, Adin Solomon, Ritik Ghanshani, Saadiya Allahbaksh, Amanda Warkow; Faculty Advisor: Teaching Professor Jeff Salvage)

3rd Place: Caregiver IOS (Yashfa Azizi, Matthew Chong, Amy Eng, Jane Ha, Alex Jin, Afshara Tasnim; Faculty Advisor: Teaching Professor Jeff Salvage)

Security Category

1st Place: Cozy Dragons (Kyle Neary, Jake Taylor, Deeba Rassuli, Willson Camp, Cameron Maart, Gianni DiGregorio; Faculty Advisor: Associate Teaching Professor Thomas Heverin, PhD)

2nd Place: Report2Map (Joaquin Restrepo, Riley Faulkner, Ryan Do, Asef Khurshan, Shauraya Katoch; Faculty Advisor: Associate Teaching Professor Thomas Heverin, PhD)

3rd Place: Vulnerability Alert Notification System (Jung Baek, Rafael Cortes, Brian Decker, Stephen Fort, Shawn Murray, Nathaniel Sanders; Faculty Advisor: Associate Teaching Professor Michael Chu)

Entrepreneurial Category

1st Place: Flourish (Andrew Aleksandrovich, Akshiv Bansal, Dylan Paikin, David Bicer, Mokshat Sood, Zach Matuson; Faculty Advisor: Associate Teaching Professor Filippos Vokolos, PhD)

2nd Place: Putters (Razib Islam, Ram Thatham, Ajay Dixit, Robert Begley, Jake King, Luke Midock; Faculty Advisor: Professor Gregory Hislop, PhD)

3rd Place: Place That Face (Lia Johnson, Kartik Mohan, Ankit Trehan, Guadalupe Fernandez-Nunez, Miyo Imai, Akriti Keswani; Faculty Advisor: Professor Gregory Hislop, PhD)

Gaming Category

1st Place: Fool’s Gold Frenzy (Jeannie McGill, Ameer Jalil, Dillon McHenry, Rob Kauffman, Mathew Cipriano, Dave Lazauskas, Kai Snowden, Isaiah Hernandez, Robert Battle, David Rammacca, Atticus Ma; Advisors: Associate Teaching Professor Filippos Vokolos, PhD; Robert Lloyd)

2nd Place: Nature’s Grave (Dawei Chi, Cynthia Harris, Kevin Cheng, Peng Chen, Tiffany Ly, Jarod Mellus; Advisors: Professor Gregory Hislop, PhD; Hannah Bergman)

3rd Place: Rushdown (Diego Varona, Ivan Orlov, Jack Wheeler, Jaydeep Wahla, Michael Dardour, Pat Cole, Ravi Patel, Soren Strnisa, Will Gascoigne, Yash Pandey; Advisor: Teaching Professor Jeff Salvage)


To learn more about CCI's 2021–2022 Senior Project Showcase, please visit the Senior Project website.


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