Announcing the Winners of the "Celebrations of Summer" Photo Competition

Inspired by the 2020 Isaac L. Auerbach Innovation Competition winning project "Quarterly CCI Cultural Celebrations," the College of Computing & Informatics continued its quarterly photo competition with the theme "Celebrations of Summer". Summer is a time for festivals and traditions, so we asked the CCI community to show how they celebrate: whether through gathering with loved ones for a Pride parade, commemorating Drexel's graduation, watching a fireworks display or keeping it cool by the pool, we invited students, faculty and professional staff to submit their best shots of the summer season.

CCI students, faculty, and professional staff members voted to select their favorite photo submission, and we are pleased to announce two winners: Nikhil Parakh (BS Software Engineering) with the submission "Innocent Transience" and Ben Neeman (BS Computer Science) with the submission "First Sightings of Wild Life." Their respective photos will be posted to CCI's website, social media, and displayed in 3675 Market. Both students will also receive a package of CCI swag.

View the winning photo submissions below: 

Two children running through water sprinklers at Dilman Park.   

Innocent Transience by Nikhil Parakh

"When cold winds blow, we yearn for heat and an outside world we can set our foot on without freezing. The sight and feel of anything cold becomes too monotonous and loathsome. But seasons change and world finds a balance. Perhaps that is what summer is for- the cold water to ease the heat and sweat, the retreat to remind us not everything lasts forever. And when you see children rejoicing in the change of environment, the gratitude for existing is further fueled by their innocence."

Buffalo in a field under a sky of blue.  

First Sightings of Wild Life by Ben Neeman

"Saw some buffalo on my first vacation in almost 2 years!"

You can view all of the photo submissions in CCI's Facebook album at this link.

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