CCI Faculty Granted Awards from the Office of Research & Innovation and Office of Faculty Advancement and Undergraduate Affairs

Drexel University’s Office of Research & Innovation and Office of Faculty Advancement and Undergraduate Affairs have recognized CCI faculty with distinct awards.


Geoff Mainland, PhD, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, won a Scholarly Materials and Research Equipment Awards for Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty grant. This funding is specific to acquiring materials, equipment, software and other items that facilitate research.


Assistant Professors of Information Science Alex H. Poole, PhD and Mat Kelly, PhD were issued Summer Research Awards. These grants empower tenured and tenure-track faculty members to pursue research that can reinforce recipient careers and accelerate their contributions to Drexel.


Poole’s project, “Pursuing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Free Library of Philadelphia: Reckoning with Covid and Racial Justice,” will explore the FLP’s recent leadership changes and the work of the Concerned Black Workers and their allies in the context of the pandemic. Chartered in 1891, the FLP is the thirteenth largest library system in the United States. It includes 55 branches and employs more than 700 workers.


Kelly's project "Advancing Access Regulation to Private Content Preserved from the Web" will explore the applicability, feasibility, and dynamics of applying conventional mechanisms for sophisticated access regulation onto novel web archive replay systems. The project builds on prior work utilizing a peer-to-peer distributed file system to mitigate the fragility of preserving one's invaluable yet private web data web solely on their PC. The project's software products will be free and open source.


Drexel’s College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) contributes to theory and practice along dimensions that include technical, human, organizational, policy and societal considerations. This broad perspective positions the College to address the complex, multi-disciplinary problems that are increasingly common as society becomes more dependent on information technology. CCI boasts one of the oldest continually ALA-accredited library and information science programs in the US: the Library and Information Science major in the College’s Master of Science in Information degree program.


About the Office of Research & Innovation


Drexel University’s Office of Research & Innovation expands, strengthens, promotes and safeguards Drexel’s research efforts. The Office develops proposals, maintains award stewardship and complies with robust standards. The Office of Research & Innovation’s initiatives catalyze research, scholarship, and creative expression to advance Drexel as a preeminent research institution and thought leader.



About the Office of Faculty Advancement


Drexel’s Office of Faculty Advancement (OFA) empowers faculty members throughout their university careers. The Office provides support for advancement, skill development, professional growth and well-being. OFA designs and implements initiatives to accelerate faculty recruitment, improve retention, manage faculty appointments and promotions, help faculty continuously improve their teaching and associated work, ensure national best practices are implemented in faculty affairs, and support work-life balance.


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